Eric Barbour’s Metasonix TX-3 iCunt

Each NAMM Show,¬†Metasonix’ Eric Barbour attempts to top himself with ever-more offensively named and styled vacuum tube audio boxes, and this year was no different.

This video captures a Hertz Donut through the Metasonix iCunt prototype.

11 thoughts on “Eric Barbour’s Metasonix TX-3 iCunt

  1. hmmm, c u next tuesday. You can't get any worse then that in one word. Unless you want to start offending specific groups of people.

  2. I've used meatsonix gear before, and I can say that it does sound unique. The warmth and magic that comes out of these boxes is hard to hear on a youtube video, but in person is obvious. If it's good enough for trent…

    That said, the metasonix line is boutique gear for a very small niche market. Most people won't understand or want it. Those people are a bunch of cunts.

  3. The boutique sensebilities of the audiophile world mixed with the sound of plastic toys and the first electronics project you did as a child meet the qualities of the artwork on the walls of a school's toilet. The only thing funnier than the newest creation of Eric Barbour will be the people raving about the warm and organic sound of the handcrafted tube circuitry. I predict, that one of these days Mr Barbour will pass away due to hypoxia caused by uncontrollably laughing his head off while taking orders for the iCunt.

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