Optigan 2-Disc Strings Library

Optigan has introduced their first 2-disc Style Pak release, STRINGS.

The two discs are individually titled CHAMBER STRINGS and SYMPHONIC STRINGS. This is a very utilitarian sound set for the Optigan, featuring the “Violin” and “String Ensemble” keyboard sounds previously only available on the Orchestron, each with matching string pads on the chord buttons.

There are no drums or other rhythmic effects- just ‘lush, lo-fi stringy goodness’.

LEFT HAND: String chords.

RIGHT HAND: Strings.

SPECIAL EFFECTS SWITCHES: 1. Fsus4, 2. Csus4, 3. Gsus4, 4. Adim, 5. Edim.

See the Optigan site for details on the new Strings discs.

Optigan Strings retails for $100.

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