New Algorithmic Music App For The iPad – Dinsgsaller

algorithmic music ipad app

iPad Music Software: Developer Tim Bolstad has announced Dingsaller – a “workspace for creating algorithmic compositions” on the iPad.

With Dingsaller, you can “Patch together a complex graph of music generating nodes, synths, and effects and Control them with a touch.”

Key Features:

  • Synths and Sampler Instruments
  • Digital Effects
  • Pattern Sequencer
  • Random Note Generators
  • Touch and Tilt Controllers
  • Recording

NOTE: Dinsgsaller is pending Apple App store approval.

One thought on “New Algorithmic Music App For The iPad – Dinsgsaller

  1. Looks like a cross between Bidule and some elements of Audiomulch. I'm legitimately interested in what this app can do, and what it sounds like.

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