Two Free VST Instruments For Windows

Free Music SoftwareDrafter & Cloud are two free VST instrument plug-ins for Windows.

  • Drafter – 3 drawable oscillators synthesizer, you can draw your waveform with your mouse. It has 2 filters, 4 lfos, a bit reducer, a stereo enhancer, delay and reverb effects.
  • Cloud – 3 morphing oscillators synthesizer, it has a bitcrusher for each osc, a filter, 4 lfos and the automorph section where you have 4 lfos to morph automatically the waveforms (with animations), a stereo enhancer, delay and reverb effects.

Drafter & Cloud are available as part of a collection of VSTs available from The Colorspace.

Video demo via myVST.

4 thoughts on “Two Free VST Instruments For Windows

  1. You got the article wrong!

    You don't download 2 vst's, what you're actually grabbing (after following the link use the "tools" menu item) is the Colorspace VST *suite* consisting of 4 free vst instruments: Serio3, Feeling, Drafter and Cloud. Most instruments are somewhat comparable (3 oscs, filter section, envelope section and often drawable wave forms) and all share the same interface. The difference lies in the details: (stereo) chorus, delay, stereo enhancer, reverb, and delay effects.

    Playing with this suite made me once again realize how utterly spoiled I actually am with my current synth gear (stuff like Ableton Suite 8 and Absynth 5 to name two). My first "complaint" ? Drawing of the waveforms does indeed give me the kind of reaction I'm used to yet immediately leaves me wanting more; a little more detail and precision, more envelope control, etc. And while I'm going over all this stuff I suddenly realize that I'm actually comparing a *free* VST with a E 180 soft synth while having little complaints about the sound…

    Note: I'm *not* claiming that these critters perform just like the high end stuff, but these will definitely give you a good taste as to what higher end stuff is capable of and may very well leave you wanting even more.

    Pretty solid instruments, good interface apart from the dials (sometimes I think these move too slowly) and certain buttons (aren't as easily identified as it could be (the previous/next preset for example)). But definitely something worth checking out!

  2. We're aware of the download, but the video demo is just of the two synths.

    We updated the post to clarify this.

    And thanks for the other feedback – good comments!

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