Micronaut – Experiments One & Two

Sunday Synth Jam: Here are a couple of new synth jams via Chris Randall.

Here’s what Randall has to say about micronaut – experiment one, above:

Having a bit of fun with the new equipment set-up, and trying to get a feel for the workflow. This piece is entirely sequenced from an Apply //e and Roland CMU-800R. I’m recording in to Ableton Live, but there are no samples or pre-recording. This track is 100% live.

The quick arpeggio sound, drums, and 16th note pulse are coming from the CMU-800R. The low bass note is from a Korg MS20 running through a Roland RE-201 Space Echo, and the main melody sound is coming from the Doepfer modular (in this case a TipTop Audio Z3000 oscillator, plus some Doepfer shit) and running through a Realistic Electronic Reverb and an Eventide TimeFactor. I used a couple instances of Audio Damage Eos for the main reverb inside the DAW, but that’s the only computer effect.

Below, micronaut – experiment two:

via CRandall:

The second workflow exploration/live improvisation with this set-up. As with the previous video, the Apple //e with Roland CMU-800R is in the driver’s seat. It is providing the drums with its internal sounds, and is controlling the modular synth, the Korg MS-20, and the Yamaha CS-5 (out of frame underneath the MS-20) via CV/Gate.

The main melody line that comes in after a bit is coming from a Reflex MeeBlip, which you can just see sitting on the desk. I’m controlling it with a Snyderphonics Manta controller.

Effects used: Roland RE-201 Space Echo, Eventide TimeFactor delay, Realistic Electronic Reverb delay, Audio Damage Eos reverb, Lexicon 300 reverb.

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