How To Make Music From Wine Glasses, Whiskey & Panties

Mateusz Zdziebko‘s rather awesome music video, Sampled Room, is a clever demonstration of how, with a sampler, you can make music out of anything:

This is an example, how to use the basic stuff in your room in such creative and musician way. Just take some noisy and voiced objects and record them with any sampler. At the end use all this stuff to create any music u desire. Or… You even don’t need any sampler. Just use your friends, give them gadgets and transform your party into gizmo-jam-session. I can guarantee much fun. Enjoy!

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Sound Sources:

  • 2 Wine Glases
  • Panties
  • Bottle Opener
  • Drier
  • Tape
  • Tube Pack From Whiskey
  • Spring
  • Old Russian Camera
  • Spanner
  • Water


  • Canon EOS 5D mkII
  • DitoGearâ„¢ CrankSlider
  • Microphone Shure SM 48

Shots, Edit & Music – Mateusz Zdziebko

10 thoughts on “How To Make Music From Wine Glasses, Whiskey & Panties

  1. Although I wouldn't qualify this as awesome I do agree that it is a very entertaining video and absolutely an impressive piece of work.

    Still, the essence of the story here is right on! I think there are many people (myself included until a few months ago) who are totally underestimating the results which a "simple" sound sample can give you. Its for that reason why I often carry a portable Yamaha audio recorder with me; some of the stuff you hear out there can be pretty interesting to use or take apart..

  2. Lovely video and sounds, but it's too bad that projects like this (use only sampled sounds of a few everyday items) turn into cheesy jam-outs.
    The Milkcrate project used to be really good at avoiding that, but I haven't heard any of that stuff for a while.

  3. The milkcrate project is interesting, but that doesn’t make this less inspirational.

    This video and Diego Stocco’s videos are reminders that you don’t need new gear to get new sounds. They also show how important video is in making the music accessible.

  4. This was great, and very musical. Most of this kind of stuff is just "glitch", which to me is the audio equivalent to camera shake.

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