Music From A Car & Beats Of Boredom – More Inspired Sampling

Here are a couple more examples of inspired sampled found-sound beatmaking.

Above, Music from a Car, by Alessandro Camnasio:

The basic idea for this project was to play a car as a sort of musical instrument. I started by placing some microphones inside and around the car. Then I recorded all the tracks on a Cubase system. I didn’t use any sampler or synthesizer to create or modify the sounds. All the sounds come just from playing the car, by patting on the windows, punching the bumper, rubbing parts made of fabric or plastic, giving fuel, playing rhythms on the wings, the roof, and so on.

Below, Beats of Boredome, by AdamPellinDeeve:

Nothing to do. Loop found sounds.

Via Keir in the comments on How To Make Music From Wine Glasses, Whiskey & Panties.

One thought on “Music From A Car & Beats Of Boredom – More Inspired Sampling

  1. Like this one much more than the last one. Very nice. I have been meaning to do a proper industrial found sound kind of thing for a while, like how industrial should be. Inspiring.

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