40 thoughts on “Deadmau5 – Modular-vania

  1. call it envy or stupidity or whatever. I just don't understand the dude's need for that amount of gear and of that quality to make the music he does. Vangelis, sure, Depeche Mode, maybe, JMJ yes. But his 4 on the floor monophonic monotonous crap? Wow, DJ's are being over paid

  2. Nothing wrong with being a bit envious, is there? He's got a great setup.

    I don't think it's fair to dismiss his music, though. People want to dance and have a good time. Why do musicians always seem to want to look down on that?

    It may not be your cup of tea or my cup of tea, but anybody that can figure out how to make a successful career as an electronic musician has something going for them.

    My guess is that a lot of his success comes down to him understanding how to market his music and him working in a professional way.

  3. The gear is awesome and its really fun to see it all working. He must have had a total blast putting that togethor 🙂 Although you could probably get the same sounding music by using free vsts… however that is really not as interesting to watch. heh.

  4. That was some pretty crappy sound considering all the gear it came from. Waste of time? I think that this guy is a self indulgent ass.

  5. This is worrying. I have a Eurorack modular housing on order. And one module. And already I'm overspent. I see a financial haemorrage on the horizon ;p

  6. “…self indulgent ass”

    …. hmmm maybe I am feeding the trolls but…. I kinda feel bad for you if you don’t like to buy yourself electronic goodies from time to time.
    Oh, you don’t have money? Get a job 🙂

  7. too bad that with all that gear, his sounds in his tracks still sound the same. Which is typical of most electro-house guys music.

  8. And why should it be fair to dismiss someone's opinion/taste based on the monetary value/success on the market of any given piece or style of music?

    It's OK to respect and value marketing abilites and the success that can come from presenting yourself and your creations in the "right" way, but it's also perfectly understandable if some people think (or rather feel) that promotion is not everything and you can literally dance to a different drum. Not everyone likes to dance or have fun with any kind of music that's geared towards this sort of activity. It depends, and dismissing the taste of people because it might not fully coincide with what you perceive as the "norm" is a very intellectual thing to do. Not very much about what turns a given person or group of persons on and more about sales figures and being succesful as a businessman. Some people just want to make music and don't care (or simply don't have to care) about being popular in a way that translates into hard cash.

  9. >Oh, you don't have money? Get a job 🙂

    Dude, grow up. It's not a problem with his gear. Good for him. What I don't like is people who make pedestrian sounds and then make a pompous video so we can see how great they are. The music in the vid is what it is… it's his words and intention at the end that make him the ass in my eyes. I see lot's of great and not-so-great music on this web site, and none of those people have to make some stupid statement about their self worth at the end.

    I also don't like people who assume what my motivations are. 🙂 Get a job? Get a life. We would both be having a good laugh if you really knew what my financial/job situation is! Thanks for reminding me why I rarely participate in web forums.

  10. I saw a ton of Tim Horton's cups on his computer desk and looked him up. I didn't know he was Canadian.
    Fun little synth jam and what an amazing setup. I hope he invites me over to jam sometime 😛

  11. I don't think this is about being pompous at all. I think it's this type of spirit that got him where he is at. He obsessively recreated the Castlevania video game music just to see if he could. He seems to be this obsessive with mine craft as well. I have respect for people who work that hard on things that have zero benefit except for the enjoyment of creating. As a producer myself, I would find it challenging to just "let go" and dork around just because it's fun. It just goes to show how hard he is willing to work on things he enjoys. As far as his success, better him than oakenfold , tiesto or PVD in my opinion. There are plenty of other producers who might do it better but are less successful, but I don't get bent out of shape for him bringing electronic music back into view. I think his production skills are solid & I like some of his tracks as well. It's always cool to see behind the scenes & I think that is all he is trying to do is demystify celebrity & show that he's a real person… and a video game nerd 🙂

  12. … recreating that sequence takes about 2 minutes. making those sounds out of a modular takes a bit longer. If there's any merit, I think that's where it is.

  13. Jealous trolls are jealous.

    Love him or hate him, every time I see him do these videos I go downstairs to my own pile of synths and I play them for hours.

  14. 100% agreed. Tired of self obsessed, mediocre, pseudo-rockstars attempting to program synths and posting videos of themselves doing. Unfortunately they've got sites like this to help spread the cancer.

  15. A bit longer is right. I don't have nearly as much Euro stuff as he does, but I can tell you from experience that creating some NES type sounds is not that hard. That is, if you don't really want to nail the bottom end on the triangle wave for example, but I couldn't hear anything at all apart from vaguely chippy sounds in this video. Did not really sound that much like a real NES.

  16. SOOOOOOOOOOOO many haters. Who takes time out of their busy hater day to scour the internet to dump on such a success. Who gives a hot fuck if he has 50000 signal processors?! Who’s to say what you do and don’t WANT. He obviously has a following. He gets 25000 people on average to watch him pop zits and play with his cat on USTREAM. That’s attention you can’t buy.

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