14 thoughts on “Why Is Gandalf Playing The Keytar?

  1. Insert one:
    1) Because his normal controller is in the shop.
    2) He's practicing to join a boy band.
    3) His groupies really like it.
    4) He just picked up the frickin thing to try it.
    5) Middle Earth is going techno.

  2. Is that obscure Sequential Circuits trivia or speculation?

    Also – is the guy in the picture just wearing a cheap rubber halloween mask?

  3. Give him a break – he's like 3,000 years old, and the other keyboards are a bit too heavy to play on horseback, or while you're fighting a Balrog!

    Props to SCI for the "Middle Earth" typeface used on their synths and in the ad.

  4. You never read lord of e rings. There are several references to keytars and SC synths. Unfortunately they took them out for the movie. : (

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