Live Performance With Reason 5 + Livid OHM64

Peff demonstrates his live performance rig, based on Propellerhead Reason 5 and a Livid Ohm64 MIDI controller:

Video overview of using the OHM64 with Reason 5 to create a live pa setup to switch loop slots and crossfade between sources and effects. It’s not really music composition, but more like Loop Jockeying.

Controls are mapped via standard remote override mapping, however this setup requires a bit of remote codec hacking to alter the behavior of the function keys and top 4 rows of buttons.

A detailed explanation is posted on Peff’s site:

2 thoughts on “Live Performance With Reason 5 + Livid OHM64

  1. Wow thats a really different way of performing with reason. I also use reason as a performance tool but my approach is so different its crazy. I use pads to select patterns and faders to sequence parts in real time, and I only use a 4 band EQ master effect and a bunch of individual instrument effects. I may have to try out a few of this guys techniques and see how they work for me live.

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