SynthX Multitouch Synthesizer (Video Demo)

Way Out Ware’s Jim Heintz demonstrates his recently released multitouch synthesizer for the iPad, SynthX.

If you’ve used SynthX, let us know what you think of it!

via wayoutware:

In this video I walk through the basic features of SynthX for the iPad. For this setup, I had the iPad audio plugged into my stereo and had my little flip camera on a stand over the iPad. This is a straight take with no edits.

2 thoughts on “SynthX Multitouch Synthesizer (Video Demo)

  1. This is the best synth for the iPad so far…and…


    Finally, the first synth app to get this working. Bravo. Now we've got two apps, Molten and SynthX, that incorporate clock. Will there be others?

    Will that friggin Garageband app incorporate MIDI with clock? lol.

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