Way Out Ware’s SynthX Now Available On The iPad

iPad Synthx synthesizer

Way Out Ware has introduced SynthX, a new software synthesizer for the iPad.


  • Intuitive XY mode automatically makes every touch tuned to the selected scale;
  • Grid mode where you explore harmonies in a fun new way;
  • Keys mode that provides a standard piano keyboard;
  • Large and professionally designed sound library.
  • An effects chain including distortion, flanger, delay and limiter are included. Additionally, a separate identical effects chain is provided to process an external signal connected to the iPad’s audio input.
  • Ccomprehensive MIDI implementation using CoreMIDI, including MIDI Note send and receive and MIDI Beat Clock LFO sync.
  • Record your performances within SynthX
  • Sonoma Wireworks AudioCopy support

SynthX was developed by Jim Heintz, who’s behind several well-respected software synths, including TimeWARP 2600.

13 thoughts on “Way Out Ware’s SynthX Now Available On The iPad

  1. Is there nothing more interesting happening in the field of synth???
    The blog seems to be only about iPad apps and a mentions of guys who have, at some point of their life, touched a Buchla.

  2. A Buchla with 40 year old methodology vs. a new creative revolution in music making. Which one would you choose? Didn't Buchla pioneer the musical touch interfaces anyway? So where's the Buchla App for the iPad? Oh Yeah, Buchla charges $1000 for a single oscillator!

  3. love it! Was playing with this all morning… tons of great presets and lots of control. The fugly interface is sort of charming after a while, and I really like the waveforms as touch indicators.

    would like to see an option to keep the touches snapped to a note in the XY grid until you release — sometimes you do want to slide up to a nearby note but I was finding that much more often I wanted to slide up and down in Y to modulate it but it's really easy to slip left/right to a nearby note, especially with chords.

    Also would like an option to lock the scale when changing presets. I do very much like that the presets come with good choices for scales but if I am playing with a backing track it's annoying to switch back every time.

    overall this is my new favorite iPad synth.

  4. Good sound from this little synth and a very nice interface…but…The resonance, phaser does not sound good and sometimes the audio has clicks. Maybe a update will fix that

  5. Yeah – it's all about software synths and hardware synths.

    WTF's up with that? They should change the name of the site to Synthtopia or something.

  6. Latency is minimal. I can't detect any when playing the touch screen… That said, I am the author of SynthX, so I am a little biased. It might be possible to get your iPad running a bunch of other apps in the background sucking up the CPU, which might cause some latency, but I would consider that user error…

    My testing has shown that when using a USB MIDI adapter like the iConnectMIDI or an M-Audio UNO connected using the Camera Connection Kit, that latency is so low that it is very hard for me to measure.

    Best regards,


  7. This is a great synth! So many things I dig about it… sounds great, big range of tones, multiple play interfaces, all of which are musically expressive, and much more. Excellent job of forging ahead while including some other nice touch screen features as well.

  8. YES!

    TimewArp 2600 on iPad would make me go nuts. I dont even have iPad yet, but I'm fantasizing of ARP 2600 on iPad.

    iPad 2 could even have oomph to push a couple of notes polyphony out of it! How about oscilloscope?

  9. I am pretty sure based on what I have seen with SynthX that TimewARP 2600 for iPad 2 could do pretty decent polyphony. An o-scope would be no problem at all… the iPad handles that stuff pretty well.

    I am considering it…


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