TubeOhm Vintage Synthesizer Sneak Preview

This is a sneak preview of the upcoming TubeOhm Vintage synthesizer workstation.


  • TubeOhm VINTAGE contains two complete synths in one ( Structure 1 and Structure 2 ).
  • Mixed mode > sampler> oscillator.
  • Keysplit, two ARP‘s, four sampler or up to 28 oscillators / voice.
  • 10 multistage envelopes, 6 LFO‘s, vector amp modulation , four multi VCF
  • MIDI free assign knobs and many many other features.

TubeOhm Vintage is officially “coming soon”.

3 thoughts on “TubeOhm Vintage Synthesizer Sneak Preview

  1. I agree, creators should create a high fidelity download for us. crushes and sucks the life out of music files.

  2. Ditto. I listened to it, thought "sounds like a compressed POS," then thought about it a second and realized that it was, in fact, a compressed POS.

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