29 thoughts on “The Future Is AutoTune….Microtonal AutoTune

  1. I think they might have hit upon something great… but not a fan of their implementation… I'd like to see a small choir, with each vocalist using their own instance of autotune… add THE MOUTH and Vokator by NI to this and have the choir perform something professionally arranged (like an electronic freakout version of Schubert's Das Erlkonig!!!)

    the possibilities of autotune have not been exhausted, it's just the lack of creativity in those who operate it.

  2. Man, I keep thinking that since autotune has saturated every vein of audio entertainment it's horrible presence is bound to go away soon. I guess not. As long as something exists that lets people who can't sing get in front of other people and show off, it will be used and abused.

  3. autotuning as a microtonal crutch is a better use than using autotune to ensure that there are never more than 12 pitches. 🙂 of course it's still not actually better than knowing how to actually sing these scales.

  4. 90% of all "music" created recently is a steaming pile of shit anyway. Why not put the autotune cherry on top as a garnish?

  5. I have no idea but when I were in Morocco 7-8 years ago I bought (and heard) a lot of music that sound like this (with some kind of microtunal autotuning). And some of it is very good. So my guess is that this is Moroccan but please enlighten me. Im probably wrong.

  6. The Erlkönig is a dude and not a thing, so it's "_Der_ Erlkönig." And if you don't have umlauts at your disposal, you can substitute oe, ae, and ue. Just saying …

  7. i am afraid in a few years nobody can sing these licks without autotune….
    thats why i posted it…..
    long live the jasmin revolution!!!!

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