Way Out Ware SynthX Review & Demo

iPad Music Software: Way Out Ware’s SynthX is generating a lot of buzz, because it’s from a developer with a strong track record and because it’s one of the few iPad instruments that tries to push the envelope a bit.

Here’s what GearWire’s Len Sasso has to say about SynthX:

WayOutWare’s new SynthX delivers a surprisingly powerful and playable synth to your iPad. SynthX’s analog-modeled engine derives from KikAXXE, the company’s plug-in emulation of the classic ARP AXXE synth. The two synths can even exchange patches, and the KikAXXE factory banks are included with SynthX. (Some tweaks are necessary when exchanging your custom patches because SynthX has a few added features.)

SynthX is a great buy. For $9.99 you get a different performance perspective, a great sounding portable synth, and easy interconnectivity, should you choose to go that way. I highly recommend it.

Peter Kirn also has an interview with developer Jim Heintz about SynthX, who has some interesting things to say his thought processes, developing the new synth.

Heintz also shares his comments on the role of the tablet computers for electronic musicians:

As a musician and software synth designer, I like the notion of cutting the muck out of the way of me playing my instrument.  If I want to play SynthX, all I need to do is swipe my finger to unlock the iPad, click the icon for SynthX and start playing.

No booting my laptop, plugging in my controller, opening a DAW, or inserting a plug-in. None of that… just music.

I can understand why some people might be turned off by that, its not for everyone, but I really like to play music, and that is what I am able to with this environment.  As for serious,  a classical violinist should use a violin to be taken seriously. Likewise, an electronic musician should probably use something electronic to make their music.  Last time I checked, an iPad is electronic…  To each his own.

Whether or not you’re interested in running soft synths on a tablet computer, developers like Jim Heintz are doing a great job of exploring the potential of a new platform, and coming up with some interesting new tools as they do it.

SynthX is available in the App Store for $9.99.

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