10 thoughts on “Intua Beatmaker 2 Review & Demo

  1. This one is so close, but still so far. No native iPad is a show stopper for me. It's also about twice as expensive as it should be. But I really do like it's layout and look.

  2. Horses for courses, no point on hating this or NanoStudio… as far sampling goes, nothing comes close to this as an app for ipod, iphone and ipad…pending Garageband.

    Put it this way, if youre into creating hip hop-electronica stuff this is the way to go, if its techno-trance get the NanoStudio…

    Sick of this stupid fanboy world!

  3. Serious. People think they should get the world for 20 bucks. No midi, yeah that is a tad hurtin', but otherwise, it looks like a solid little package for the price. 'Comes with a wallop of samples too.

  4. For the price this app is amazing. It’s easy to get into and jot down ideas quickly.
    It’s stupid to expect this to be maschine or ableton live or whatever. Why can’t you just take what you get and work with the limitations? Have you ever looked at the price differences for featurepacked software? Do you even know what an 808 (that has way more limitations) or an xr20 costs?
    Having certain limitations doesn’t have to be a bad thing either and there’s already a large feature set. I’m sure they’ll add midi at some point and they are updating the app regularly so new features are on the way.
    Hating is unnecessary and you’re just making yourself look stupid if you have nothing useful to share. We don’t need you to tell us what specs are missing and you’re not forced to buy the app.

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