Kraftwerk Kling Klang Machine No1 For The iPhone, iPad

Kraftwerk has released something for the robot-lovin’ Apple fanbois – Kling Klang Machine for the iPhone & iPad.

Kling Klang Machine is an “interactive 24 hour music generator”. Here’s what the developer has to say about it:

It’s a novel system that creates music and sound based on realtime data depending on your location that are continuously feeded into the app, meaning the KLING KLANG MACHINE No1 can’t be compared with other generative music apps, which mostly utilize pre-programmed algorithms.

There are some nice ways to manipulate sound and store personal preferences.

For now the functionality is still kind of basic but the original concept will be more and more implemented in future updates and releases.

Unfortunately, there’s no video preview, at this point.

Kling Klang Machine No1 is $8.99, so if you’ve downloaded it, share your thoughts on it, so others can make an educated purchase. 

Here are the features:

24 hours automated music

Bidirectional cross line: tempo and tune of sound
Zoom: room – sound – effect
Save: 2 memory locations for control settings
Reset: All settings back to default

Auto: Matrix sequence – variation after 16 steps
Loop: 16 step sequence in a loop
Clear: Clear matrix
Save: 2 memory locations for sequencer

Direct access to all parameters through direct controls
Save: 2 memory locations for controller settings
Reset: All settings back to default

28 thoughts on “Kraftwerk Kling Klang Machine No1 For The iPhone, iPad

  1. Mebbe not worth 8.99, but more interesting than eno-based generative apps… and it's new KlingKlang produkt – cheaper and more immediate than waiting for the new Kraftwerk recording!

  2. Bad Kraftwerk!

    You'd almost think that they were milking the goodwill generated by their work from 30 years ago.

  3. Schlecht! Not worth the money, which I would like back as soon as possible, please. No? OK. Then please update ASAP. Make it truly interactive, bitte. Daniel.

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