MultiTrack DAW For iOS Updated To v3.0

MultiTrack DAW for iPhone, IPad

MultiTrack DAW – an 8 to 24 track DAW for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad – has been updated to version 3.

It’s the third major iOS DAW release this week, after GarageBand for the iPad and N-Track for iPad.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Per track EQ (2 bands parametric, 2 bands shelving, 18db boost and cut) (3GS or later).
  • Per track Compressor (3GS or later).
  • Ability to monitor the input signal with effects (3GS or later).
  • Fade in and out per region (editable fade points).
  • Open/copy email attachments (mp3, m4a, AAC, wav, aif, ogg).
  • Restore in-app purchases onto other devices.
  • Delete Unused Bins from within app.
  • Increased control of sliders and handles.
  • Retina display for iPhone 4 and iPod 4th gen.
  • Shared directory now monitors changes from iTunes File Sharing.
  • Improved input selection allows spitting stereo input onto 2 mono tracks.
  • iPod media browser now uses Apple supplied browser.
  • Hotbox ‘Trim’ and ‘Move’ buttons unified to single ‘Edit’ button.
  • new Hotbox ‘Slice’ tool splits a region at hotbox location or playhead location.
  • Fader controls now accurately use decibel scale and allow a real +12db of gain boost.
  • Metronome has volume control
  • Track download on wifi webpage has option to include effects in track rendering.
  • Bugfix: email account no longer required to create mixdowns.
  • Bugfix: AAC is now in m4a container.
  • Bugfix: After recording, track could be heard without disarming track.
  • Bugfix: Missing metronome tick at zero
  • Bugfix: Audio glitches sometimes when editing or deleting regions.

MultiTrack DAW is $9.99 in the App Store. 8 tracks are available in the standard version, additional tracks as in-app purchases. 


  • Basic version has 8 stereo audio tracks, upgradable to 24
  • 44.1kHz, 16 bit, CD quality sound for each track
  • Non-linear, non-destructive editing using Regions and Bins
  • Multiple levels of Undo and Redo
  • Metronome adjustable from 40 to 240 BPM
  • Time Signatures (2/2, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 7/4, 6/8, 7/8, 9/8, and 12/8)
  • Ruler showing bars/beats/divisions/ticks or timecode
  • Individual controls for pan, volume, mute and solo
  • Bounce Regions using multi-region copy and paste
  • Looping with the Loop Markers
  • In-app help always grabs the latest help file if network is available
  • New Bin Browser allows preview of audio files in the song
  • New Hotbox popup control with context sensitive buttons
  • Snap snaps the Timebar to Ruler lines
  • Punch automatically starts and stops recording at precise times
  • Auto Input allows monitoring the track underneath until punch points
  • Crossfading uses cubic interpolation to eliminate clicks and pops
  • Beautifully rendered waveforms of all tracks at multiple zoom levels
  • VU meters for each track
  • 32 bit internal pathways
  • Multi-touch pinch/zoom support
  • Speaker/Receiver selection switch for iPhone
  • Input enable buttons for left and right (for stereo microphones)
  • Copy and Paste to and from other apps
  • Selectable input monitoring
  • Selectable latency with compensation
  • Recorded material perfectly synced with other tracks
  • Native iPad support (landscape and portrait, up to 11 tracks visible)
  • iPad USB Audio using Camera Connection Kit
  • Wav, Ogg, and AAC compression for Wi-Fi download, mixdown, email attachments, and SoundCloud upload

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