26 thoughts on “New Music From The Human League – Never Let Me Go

  1. The video looks like my kids messing around with Photo Booth on the family iMac (except for the octopus on the forehead; I'll suggest they try that next time–PETA alert!!)
    Okay, just listened to it again without the video. Solid synthesis, song structure– but my favorite parts are when Philip Oakey sings. It would be better with him on the lead. The autotune is rubbish!

  2. I had the same reaction to the AutoTune. None of them were ever strong vocalsts – but they did have unique voices, which AutoTune tends to homogenize.

  3. I don't think this video or song was meant for us. If they want a fighting chance they have to make something that will appeal to the radio world. I am not saying they accomplished this, but 35-40yr old fans of HL and Heaven 17 are not going to make them money. It is obvious that auto-tune is not a concern for the masses. As a matter of fact it has become the standard on most songs. The only difference is 'slow' or 'fast'.

  4. I sometimes think that pop music can only be created by people of a certain age. Youth seems to play a big roll in a good pop song. The nature of pop, the lyrics ect do not lend it self to "older" people writing pop songs.

    I offer this as evidence of what I am talking about.

    This feels like my parents were forced at gun point to write a pop-song.

  5. The problem is that every other synth-y pop band these days is PATTERNED after bands like HL and Ultravox. Many synth presets even include references to 80s bands. Doing the same thing they pioneered so many years later just makes them look dated and bereft of ideas. I think they have better juice than this nicely-rendered FAIL shows.

  6. This does feel more like a "miss" than a "hit".

    What's a mature synth pop artist to do, though. Fans want them to revisit the 80's, but that's guaranteed to fail.

    Gary Numan is one of the few artists from this era that seems to have moved on successfully.

  7. Devo has made an attempt too. I was a spud head growing up but was not a fan of their new one. They were in San Diego a few year back and I took my four (yes I know) kids to see them. We got there early and were right at the barricade dead center. I did not take into consideration that there was a beer fest going on at this event as well. By the third song the drunk crowd began pushing us against the railings. Other kids had joined mine and my kids could see the panic in my face. I braced myself against the railing and created a 'safe zone' with my body while the kids one by one climbed over the railing and were taken to the side of the stage. ha! Will never forget that.

  8. The autotune turned me off to this song, which is otherwise ok. Damn, it's not hard to find someone who can actually sing, people! Or just buck up and take a couple months worth of singing lessons.

    And I agree the Italo Connection remix is indeed better.

  9. It's a very good and catchy electro-pop-disco song.

    The album 'Credo' is much better overall though, one of THL's best, and well worth a listen.

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