Ulrich Schnauss Interview

The latest episode of Electric Independence features an interview and studio tour with Ulrich Schnauss:

When post-shoegaze magician – the peerless electronic wunderkind – Ulrich Schnauss invited us to his apartment in London, he specified it would have to be at night due to his predilection for ‘nocturnal’ activities.

We thought that seemed mostly normal for a musician until he came to the door (clad in leather jeans) and dragged us up to his pitch-black attic.

Thankfully all of our Warhol-period Udo Kier fantasy/nightmares were unwarranted the moment we walked into his studio: an impressive collection of synthesizers and effects units used to layer hundreds of manipulated sounds and craft some of the most breathtaking, bombastic records released in recent years.

Ulrich was kind enough to show us some of his favorite instruments and demo the tasty tones from his forthcoming album.

See the Motherboard.tv site for more interviews in this series.

6 thoughts on “Ulrich Schnauss Interview

  1. Very very very psyched for Ulrich’s new album. He’s not exactly prolific. His first two albums were pure magic, but ‘Goodbye’ was a disappointment. Hopefully he has reconnected with his muse. The music from this interview does sound promising.

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