8 thoughts on “Fairlight iPad App Tutorial

  1. Wow! So I can pay 5 times as much as any other iPad synth to dial in a failure rate of a floppy disk and choose the correct power supply? Seriously? No thanks.

    I understand your attempt to capitalize on the nostalgia market, but I wish you had instead (or also) leveraged the fairlight sound into a modern instrument. Seeing this app next to things like SynthX, iMS-20, NLog and Synthtronica leaves me completely uninterested.

  2. Agreed, I while at first I thought the attempt at recreating the 'experience' so closely was interesting – when I see the video it just seems dumb. Waiting so long for the sounds to load, and to hear the 'track clicks' from the floppy drive just seem ridiculous. (can one switch it off?)

    I would be curious to see how long it takes before this app will be on special.

  3. The "recreation of the experience" is absolutely perfect in every respect: Just like the original, it costs more than I am willing to pay. Not owning this app is exactly like not owning a Fairlight.

    Well done!


    This need explanation!!! Is it because capacitive screens are like drawing with hot dog, or is it just lazyness?

  5. Pathetic. $50 for this app. Pfft. Somebody call me when Vogel comes to his senses and lowers the price of this app.

    I'd pay $20.

    No more.

    And that's only if he actually adds full CoreMIDI support, lol.

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