New Synth – The Vermona Perfourmer 2 (Musikmesse 2011 Sneak Preview)

Vermona Perfourmer 2

Vermona put up this teaser shot and an audio demo at their blog of a new synth that they plan on introducing at Musikmesse 2011, tentatively named the Vermona Perfourmer 2.

Here’s what they have to say about the Perfourmer 2:

It’s not a big secret, that we are working on a synthesizer that we will present at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt (6th to 9th April 2011). And it’s also no secret that it will be the successor of the discontinued PerFourMer, so it is very likely that our new baby will carry the same name “PerFourMer”, possibly followed by a “2?.

You can listen to some sounds generated by the prototype. Please don’t judge the musical value, it’s just a simple sequence and some knob tweaking on the synth.

The original Perfourmer is a four-voice synth that can be played as a single monster monosynth, duophonically or as a four-voice polyphonic synth. Details on the new model are to be announced.

Audio demo below.

3 thoughts on “New Synth – The Vermona Perfourmer 2 (Musikmesse 2011 Sneak Preview)

  1. If the original Perfourmer is any indication of what's to come I would even bet on the Vermona synth at least in terms of bang for your buck. As I still regret sometimes not having bought a Perfourmer when they where new I am very excited to hear about this. The original just had the right form factor for me and was capable of some nice sounds. Maybe this new one is the polyphonic analog synth (with VCOs) I've been waiting for.

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