Native Instruments Maschine 1.6 Adds Plug-In Hosting & More

Native Instruments today released Maschine 1.6, a free update for its groove production workstation.

The new version significantly expands the scope and functionality of the system, with the addition of plug-in hosting for instruments and effects. Maschine 1.6 also includes a free download of the new Komplete Elements bundle and adds other new features for studio production and live performance.

In the video demo above, Underworld’s Darren Price demonstrates a new track for their live set.

Maschine 1.6 is a free update. Details  below.

Above, former MPC devotee Ski Beatz discusses working with Machine 1.6.

Maschine 1.6 Features:

  • With added support for VST and AU plug-ins, Maschine 1.6 widens its creative possibilities, turning the system into a full-featured instrument host.
  • Both the whole range of KOMPLETE INSTRUMENTS as well as all third-party instruments and effects can now be used directly in Maschine, complementing its integrated sampler and FX features.
  • Due to an “Auto-Mapping” function, plug-in parameters are conveniently pre-assigned to the high-resolution knobs on the MASCHINE controller, allowing for intuitive sound tweaking directly from the hardware.
  • The 1.6 update also includes a free download of the new KOMPLETE ELEMENTS instruments and effects collection. Based on the powerful engines of KONTAKT, REAKTOR and GUITAR RIG, it contains over 1,000 sounds selected from the KOMPLETE 7 bundle, including Abbey Road vintage drums, Vienna Symphonic Library orchestral sounds, an assortment of sampled band instruments, various REAKTOR-based synthesizers, a versatile assortment of amp emulations and effect pedals from GUITAR RIG and more.
  • Further enhancements in Maschine 1.6 include an increased number of effect slots, a new “Pad Link” feature, individual swing per sound, clip and sample renaming, expanded Drag & Drop functionality, support for up to 32 audio I/O channels, full Mac OS X 64bit support, and a wide range of detail optimizations.

The 1.6 update and the KOMPLETE ELEMENTS bundle are available as free download for all owners of Maschine.

2 thoughts on “Native Instruments Maschine 1.6 Adds Plug-In Hosting & More

  1. The Maschine software and the way it interacts with the hardware controller is indeed amazing. The workflow rocks since you can build your entire drumkit right from the controller; thus you can set it up and immediately test your setup to see if its really what you want.

    My main gripe with the Maschine however is the controller itself; they should have made this much more robust than they did. Maybe its bad luck or a bad shipment or, I dunno. But I've had several Maschine controllers from 3 different stores dying on me 🙁 Mainly rotary problems (these seem very delicate), some bad responding knobs and a led display going haywire on me. Fortunately I've had no issues getting a refund.

    As much as I'm impressed with the software and the interaction I'm not very impressed with the quality of the controller itself.

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