Spectrasonics Omnisphere Bob Moog Tribute Library First Impressions

Spectrasonics Omnisphere Bob Moog Tribute Library has generated buzz for a lot of reasons: Spectrasonics is a well-respected brand; few people are as respected as Moog in the world of electronic music; the list of contributors to the library is stellar; and it’s part of a contest, with the OMG-1 Synthesizer – arguably the coolest synth introduced at NAMM – as the prize.

Some people were disappointed by the Bob Moog Tribute Library’s $100 price tag, though, so we collected some of the library’s user’s first impressions here so you could get a better idea of what it contains.

The above video, via ozashikiTECHNO, explores the contributions of Ryuichi Sakamoto & Jean Michel Jarre.Below, contributor Daniel James discusses his contribution and demos the library:


Finally, contributor John “Skippy” Lehmkull shares his thoughts on the Library:

Here’s an audio demo by Richard Devine, Galaxy Mesmer, which features 10 sounds that he created:

The Bob Moog Tribute Library is a labor of love for Spectrasonics CEO Eric Persing and everybody involved. Contributors to the library include Hans Zimmer, Vince Clarke (Erasure/Depeche Mode), Jean Michel Jarre, The Crystal Method, Bernie Worrell (P-Funk/Talking Heads), Larry Fast (Peter Gabriel/Synergy), Ryuichi Sakamoto (YMO), Keith Shocklee (Bomb Squad/Public Enemy), Jan Hammer (Jeff Beck/Mahavishnu Orchestra), Danny Elfman, Richard Devine (Schematic/Warp), Patrick Moraz (Yes/Moody Blues) , Diego Stocco and a bunch of other synthesists.

We think that this will be a no-brainer purchase for a lot of OmniSphere users. If you’ve purchased the library, let us know what you think of it.

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