Free Downloads For Ableton Live Users

In addition to announcing April Ableton Live + Max For Live deals, Ableton released a series of free downloads for Live users, along with demo videos, embedded above:

  • The Monolake Granulator – Robert Henke aka Monolake releases his signature Granulator for Max for Live. Get the instrument for free.
  • Max for Live: Alexkid Instant Haus – Producer Alexkid is a master of house music. He’s put that knowledge into his ‘Instant Haus’ Max for Live device, which instantly generates drum patterns to craft into your own house track. Get the device for free.
  • Richie Hawtin’s legendary performances as Plastikman are a world-wide phenomenon. To pull off his ambitious 2010 tour, Richie enlisted longtime technical collaborator Gareth Williams to build a Max for Live device that could manage the complex configuration of parameters necessary to make the show happen. Get that device, Kapture, for free.

4 thoughts on “Free Downloads For Ableton Live Users

  1. When it comes to M4L devices I am very picky. In this case even twice as normal considering that all the devices are distributed as livepacks; in other words they get installed directly in your library.

    However I have to say being very pleasantly surprised with Mr. Henke's decision to distribute his Granular M4L device for free into the open. I really admire his shown dedication to the M4L community.

    Or, to quote his own words (as shown in the help screen in the Granulator (copy/paste)):

    "Initially I thought I would want to sell the Granulator. However, after a lot of talks and rethinking, I came to the conclusion that this would be a violation of what I find essential in the MAX community: It's all about sharing, and learning from each others patches and ideas."

    And to make sure I'm not pulling quotes out of context:

    "This is why Granulator is for free. However, I really would love to get things back in return, especially if you are using the instrument for your art and it is either technically or musically inspiring. Send me music, send me a book you like, send me a drawing, or simply a postcard, or what ever you come up with.".

    Can only respect that in my opinion.

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