Moog Polyphonic Theremin

Moog Music today officially released the Moog PolyTheremin – the world’s first polyphonic theremin.

Above, Dorit Chrysler intros the new Moog PolyTheremin.

The Theremin is one of the earliest and most widely known electronic instruments. The sound of the Theremin has distinguished hit records from such diverse artists as The Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin, Clara Rockmore and Linkin Park.

Moog Music designers have announced the first major technical Theremin design advance in over 40 years. The PolyTheremim incorporates bleeding edge IsoDirectional Inductive Oscillator Technology, to isolate space around five individual pitch antennas thus enabling each to be played simultaneously (finger-by-finger) without interference from its companion antennas. This revolutionary concept breaks the long held belief that the Theremin could only be monophonic instrument.

The PolyTheremin ships with Dorit Chrysler’s instructional video “Playing the PolyTheremin is Even Easier Than Playing a Monophonic Theremin.”

Purchase the Etherwave PolyTheremin at the Moog site.

14 thoughts on “Moog Polyphonic Theremin

  1. HELLO today is April Fools Day and Moog comes out with a technology with the acronym IDIOT.

  2. If it has mulitple CV outs, then I could use for polyphonic control of the Moog Modular I picked up at a yard sale last week.

  3. And here I was about to drop two thousand dollars on a steam powered theremin… Maybe they can make a steam powered Voyager XL?

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