4 thoughts on “Apple Logic Pro 2011 ‘LogicBand’ First Look

  1. That was funny but it does sort of hit a nerve for Logic users. I mean Apple just doesn't seem that serious about high end stuff anymore, it's all about toy gizmos. Honestly, these damn tablets are the worst thing that ever happened to computer music. I have a bass guitar just to whip up some bass lines now and then but I find myself going in bass guitar forums and reading bass magazines a lot lately just so I don't have to see any more f**king ipad crap.

  2. I think this is a great video, and the comedy plays more to the "do it for me" producer crowd than it does to the iPad apps, as other posters have mentioned.

  3. Apple as a company probably has never been about high end in the traditional sense and at least since the introduction of the original iPod they are also a consumer electronics company. But they seem to be making some decent consumer stuff. I'm perfectly happy that they don't mess with Logic, but I'm a little sad that Apple does not seem to be as keen on making progess with Mac OS.

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