Pro Tools MP 9 Gets You Started With The Industry Standard DAW For $300

Pro Tools MP 9

Musikmesse 2011: Avid has introduced Pro Tools MP 9 – a new version that lets you get started with Pro Tools for $300.

Avid also announced all-new bundles that combine Pro Tools MP 9 software with select M-Audio interfaces.

Pro Tools MP 9 leverages the same core functionality found in Avid’s Pro Tools software and features Automatic Delay Compensation for phase-accurate mixes; and MP3 export capability. Avid’s Pro Tools MP 9 software will be offered standalone for use with select M-Audio interfaces, as well as in bundles with the M-Audio MobilePre, Fast Track Pro or Fast Track Ultra interfaces.


  • Industry-standard composing, recording, MIDI sequencing, editing, and mixing features
  • Support for a wide variety of M-Audio hardware interfaces
  • 48 simultaneous 24-bit mono or stereo tracks and up to 96 kHz fidelity
  • Over 70 virtual instruments and effects plug-ins
  • Automatic Delay Compensation and MP3 export
  • Session compatibility with professional Pro Tools studios

Avid’s Pro Tools MP 9 will cost $300 and be available worldwide on May 16. Upgrades are available to existing Pro Tools M-Powered users for $200.

Pricing for Pro Tools MP 9 bundles begins at $330 for Pro Tools MP 9 + MobilePre, $400 for Pro Tools MP 9 + Fast Track Pro and $550 for Pro Tools + Fast Track Ultra.

14 thoughts on “Pro Tools MP 9 Gets You Started With The Industry Standard DAW For $300

  1. Another case of them using quality but poorly supported software to prop up sales of their plastic tat!

  2. This should really be titled "…gets you started with the industry standard from 15 years ago…"

  3. I'd be curious to see a poll of readers and what DAW they use. I use Logic Pro and am pretty much an entry-level hobbyist. I've seen some tutorial videos that are using Cubase and it looks decent, but I hear it crashes. What are the pros and cons of Pro Tools?

  4. "What are the pros and cons of Pro Tools? "
    It sits in every major recording studio. Going to a studio session and being able to bring the entire session back to yer home studio later without having to deal with rendering stems is practical.
    ProTools handles OMF material from Avid and Final Cut better with greater video stability.
    Having the same interface from studio to studio saves time.

    dont get me wrong. I can give you a million short comings fro the platform but having something as a standard if you work in the industry is convenient.

    "This should really be titled "…gets you started with the industry standard from 15 years ago…" "
    not really. Not a home standard but a standard outside of that.

  5. Pro Tools doesn't win the features race – but it's known for being stable and is supported by just about every studio in the world.

  6. I work on a lot of projects that start and end in "real" studios, with me doing keys and other sound stuff at home in between. In every case, basic tracking and final mix is always in Pro Tools. Like @chvad said, it's a common language and environment that everyone knows and understands. I've moved entire sessions around across different versions and platforms, and with a few exceptions everything behaves just like you expect.

  7. so In the other article Pro Tools ( it said that the software will have Auto Delay Compensation with input devices other than m-boxes.

    so my question is, will this version do the same? and will this MP version be available without an m-box and work with my own input device?

  8. The 9 MP version requires an M-Audio box of some kind. The M-Box native type PT9 will run on any hardware/internal computer audio, BOTH versions need the ilok attached to run also. The M-audio option is a good bit less expensive as a bundle than the full PT9 version, I'm not too sure of other limitations of MP.

  9. Yeah pro tools won't get another dime from me ever! I believe they stopped being innovative a couple years ago. High priced gear with basic software, terrible customer support. The only good thing i can say about it is It's good for editing.

  10. Customer Service!!!! There is none…if you want to buy some you can, but that usually ends in, you have to buy something else. I purchased many interfaces and software from Avid and when there are issues, there is no support Or it is something you are doing. Never ever is it their software or hardware causing the problems. Always buy and we will try. I am truly devastated after many $$$$$’s spent that they cannot get their act together and support us little studios. We are basically forced to use the “Industry standard” if we want to work with larger studios. But for me Logic is where it is. Sibelius is where it is (Avid again) and they do have some great stuff…..just don’t ever run into issues or you can rest assured you are not getting FREE (just after purchase) support. I wish it were otherwise, but it is not. As true to my nature I HAVE to use it and pray every night that nothing goes wrong!!!

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