Roland Jupiter 80 – Photos, Sounds & Demo

The first videos of the Roland Jupiter 80 are starting to come out of Musikmesse 2011.

Here’s a great in-depth look at the Jupiter 80 sounds from early user Howard Jones. This comes via Sonic State, which says that they want to “give a flavour of the instrument, without the usual sales slant that a professional presentation is bound to.”

Here’s an overview of the Jupiter 80:

Here’s what Roland has to say about the Jupiter 80 synthesizer:

A name synonymous with classic 80s synthesis is the Roland Jupiter. Now in 2011, Roland bring back the Jupiter in the form of the Roland Jupiter 80.

Jupiter 80 integrates Roland’s SuperNATURAL synthesis engine for organic, huge-sounding synth patches and super expressivity.
With 256 note polyphony, a rugged (yet still retro-looking!) build quality and USB integration for recording and MIDI control, the Jupiter 80 brings back all the charm of the Jupiter synths with a little extra function for the modern keyboard player / musician.

The videos offers some perspective on the scale of the Jupiter-80 and a better view of the interface.


  • Integrated SuperNATURAL synthesis engines designed for vintage synth sounds to realistic organic acoustic sounds and more.
  • Single Tone is equivalent to the performance of powerful single synthesizer-stack four of these to create a mind-blowing “Live Set”
  • Tone Blender tweaks multiple parameters of tones in realtime for complex, emotive sonic movement during performance
  • Fast operation with intuitive front panel and color touchscreen optimised for live performance
  • 76-note semi-weighted synth keyboard, and 256 polyphonic voices (varies according to sound-generator load)
  • USB-memory Song Player/Recorder for backing tracks or quick idea capture
  • Easy integration with computers via built-in USB-MIDI/Audio interface

The Jupiter 80 synthesizer is listed online for Β£2,589.

Roland Jupiter 80 Photo Gallery

94 thoughts on “Roland Jupiter 80 – Photos, Sounds & Demo

  1. So it's like a digital workstation/v-synth/layered sound engine. Sure Roland, it sounds okay. But why would you call it a Jupiter? That's not what this is πŸ™

  2. NI Kore does all this (with more splits, layers, effects and better sounds) for about £2000 less….
    Laptop (or IPAD 2) + Contol keyboard is the way…WHY doesn't anyone make a decent controller keyboard!!!

  3. It's like Ferrari suddenly decides that The horse logo and Testarossa name are appropriate branding for the latest fiat station wagon.

  4. The worst joke of the year… Just another rompler with a D-Beam… where are the knobs to justify the Jupiter branding ??

  5. sigh… its a home organ. endorsed by Howard Jones. with a dedicated brass/sax button.

    DOES anyone really want this? The feedback seems to be 100% hate.

  6. Horrible for the most part. It's the same old crappy noisy sounds that Roland has been using for the last 27 years. Even the piano…sux. This sounds like a glorified JP8000 mixed with a fantom. I was hoping for a Jupiter 8 replica with reverb, delay, and a killer piano( just in case I needed one on the fly). I should have known this would be a flop.

  7. At the bare minimum they should have used that vacant area on the right side of the panel for real time knobs and faders that could be assigned to one of the three oscillators. But even with that said, I have totally lost respect for Roland. What a disaster this will be!

  8. Yea, and where is the sequencer bass sounds??? If I want all these other noisy crappy sounds, and orchestral sounds, I would have bought a V synth.

  9. The closest keyboard I have found to sounding analog is the Alesis Ion. I hear that the Yamaha AN1X does a good job in some areas as well. Roland should have brought the developers of the Andromeda and ION onboard to recreate a truer version of the Jupiter 8.

  10. Howling about it not being a real, all analog synth… honestly why bother? The DSI P08 is not all analog and it costs more than I can realistically afford. The Alesis Andromeda was expensive and didn't sell well enough to stay in production. A Studio Electronics Code 4 costs $3,599.00 and the 8 voice unit is $5,299.00, and they aren't even keyboards! If the Jupiter 80 were an * voice, all analog keyboard it would probably cost around 6-7,000 bucks. FFS! Moog want's 5,000 for that new monosynth. My guess is that roland hoped to design something that they could sell in large quantities. Time will tell on that score.

    There was a similar internet outcry when they brought out the Juno name again. We all survived it. This too shall pass.

  11. It sounds like a pretty standard sound engine with a nice fx processor… bread and butter tricks for todays synth products, and nothing that stands out. Brag about 20+ oscillators at once? Most days I only need two… if they sound good! This is exactly the opposite of the product I think people really want. Also seems dumb to launch a super expensive board given the world economy. Do enough people really buy these things?

  12. Roland is not targeting hardcore synth lovers! don't expect it! Those days are gone!
    Sooner or later Moog will do a polyphonic!
    i expect more from Behringer!
    Famous pros will use Jup 80 it because it will be given to them.
    Moog voyager, Dave Smith P08 are the closest to the original. let's wait for Oberheim. I think it will surprise us!

    I think it sounds nice but shouldn't be called Jupiter.
    I expected more!

  13. I have to say it sounds pretty good in the HJ video, but they should never have called it a Jupiter – the Jupes were real SYNTHESIZERS to synthesize new sounds not recreate existing ones!

    What is it with the bloody manufacturers – have they forgotten what Bob Moog et al did for us way back in the 60s / 70s? I don't think the likes of Keith Emerson, Rick Wakeman, Wendy Carlos, etc., wanted to recreate existing sounds – they wanted to find new ones, then along came the Fairlight, etc., and now supposedly it's about recreating every nuance (sp?) of an existing sound using ever better sampling etc?

    I've never used a sampler in my life, despite having several very good ones in hardware / software in my gear – I like mangling sounds, creating, not copying!

    (No offence meant to any highly talented samplists out there…)

  14. i do like the layout… compared to some of the sh products and the v synth. a lot of roland's interface designs in recent years have been horrid. i like the quick patch keys and the dedicated faders. the only thing that really blows my mind, is the only knobs here are for the dedicated touch screen (redundant?) controls. there REALLY should have been a separate set of knobs for at least tweeking the osc/filters. even if there are up to 27 of them. i guess the horn, brass, woodwind, piano stuff is ok, but it kinda weirds me out, being so front and center.

    also, its fucking huge, which is great, but i bet its heavy as hell. and a $4,000 list price? jesus christ.

    that is REALLY out there, especially considering that this ia just a well constructed virtual analog.

    i'll play one, but i won't buy one.

  15. i do like the layout… compared to some of the sh products and the v synth. a lot of roland's interface designs in recent years have been horrid. i like the quick patch keys and the dedicated faders. the only thing that really blows my mind, is the only knobs here are for the dedicated touch screen (redundant?) controls. there REALLY should have been a separate set of knobs for at least tweeking the osc/filters. even if there are up to 27 of them. i guess the horn, brass, woodwind, piano stuff is ok, but it kinda weirds me out, being so front and center.

  16. i think the best example of the newer roland's is the "sound modify" section on the juno stage. how does the juno stage have that but the jupiter doesn't? coocoo!

  17. oberheim IS already making new ANALOG SEMs.

    and they are under a grand. and they sound like angels having sex.

    With Roland's buying power, they could easily make a new SH-5, 808, 909, or tb-303 for a competitive price. Everyone would love it, and it would sell like hotcakes.

  18. iPad 2 & Laptop is most certainly the way.

    …The way to BORING!!

    So sick of this lifeless scenario and how ultimately boring it is to watch performers bobbing their heads to a laptop.

  19. This doesn't impress me, at all πŸ™

    Even if this was called the Roland SU-K9000, not using the Jupiter name, this wouldn't interest me.
    Roland is losing it's reputation, I don't find myself interested in any of their synths-keyboards at this time.

  20. I don't think Moog is interested in polyphonic. They don't think people would be willing to shell out, because if they did it, it would be EXPENSIVE. They've introduced the ability to chain Slim Phattys in order to give people a workable solution without having to introduce a new product.

  21. It's their choice to do anything they want, sure. But if they take the iconic name of a synth line we've all aspired to own or envied, and put it on something like this, they'll earn the wrath they deserve. A brand is nothing without people who associate it with certain qualities. They just pissed off everyone who has good associations with the Jupiter name.

    Roland ought to recognize their error and rename this. They also ought to recognize the power of the Jupiter brand and the current demand for analog and do something special to redeem themselves.

    If I was a keyboardist I wouldn't disrespect my heritage by owning this.

  22. A £2,589 virtual analog?
    Doesn't seem to have very sophisticated patch editing capabilities either.

    So will they be selling this only because it's "a Jupiter"?

  23. i consider myself a true analog enthusiast. i was so desperate to play i started calling bands that had no keyboards and asked them if they would like some. the very first guy said " yea we would love keyboards. can you play the flute on " can't you see"? UGH!!! i was at a 'blue's only club playing piano for a band as a fill in. the singer turned around and asked me, " hey do you have an accordion on there"? UGH! i try and explain to people, a true analog synth can recreate these sounds through the expression of it parameters to give the 'impression' of an instrument. and they usually do a better job than a sample. and no, I DON'T HAVE AN ACCORDION ON HERE YOU FREAKIN MORON! or, can you make your drums sound gated? or put a phasor on them? or can you make your microphone make you sound like the half dozen singers you're attempting to sound like? everyone thinks a keyboard player is some sort of sample vault. if i see fit to use a sound fine, otherwise consider me a piano synth player.

  24. only problem i see is the buttons below the keys. very easy to select the wrong one or hit one accidentally during a performance which would suck. i had the M-audio keystation 88 with preset buttons just above the keys. i dont know how, i never realized my fingers went there, but during playing i would accidentally hit one. theres nothing worse than having a harsh brass sound blazing in over a quiet passage to make you look like a freaking idiot. as far as splits go, in performance mode, my Korg Trinity prox can do 8 splits all with separate effects and high and low split points, crossovering and layering. 1995 technology.

  25. We DEMAND an apology from Roland and an immediate retraction of the word "JUPITER" from this digital ROM-pler workstation, and rename it "Fantom-G9" or V-Synth 2".

  26. I am utterly dissapointed with Roland.. how they can call this or associate this with the Jupiter 8 is beyond belief.
    Roland know how to make synths..
    The Jupiter 8 is amazing.. even today!!
    Why not release or re-issue the Jupiter 8 with todays tech?
    Roland should rename this 80 and work on a re-issue of a propper Jupiter 8
    Just like Bob Moog did with the Mini Moog.
    They could make it with the new TR-808 and TR-909 Drum Machines..
    Roland cut the crap and give us what we all really want.

  27. I agree with the previous comments… !!! Roland, you've got to be kidding… Have you lost your $$%5 mine??? Or out-source you Marketing Dept.??? Is this some kind of joke??? This is total garbage!!! I wouldn't pay $$%#^&% for this @#$#%$%!!!!! I've been playing keyboards all my life (51 years)…. This really pisses me off to see no improvements in the Roland Keyboard products…. I'll stick with my Yamaha Motif XS 8!!!!…. And won't pay a dime for this $$#$%^&*%!!!!!!!!

  28. Well, maybe Roland will wise up and issue a little brother to the Jupiter 8 that is geared towards die hard Jupiter 8 lovers. 61 keys with a similar layout as the Jupiter 8 has. They can sell a ton of these under $2,000.00. Sometimes forward thinking isn't always the way to go in regards to trying to reproduce acoustic sounds. How about working hard to reproduce some of the best synth sounds of the past and bundle those into one unit? Geeeeeeesh! They should have hired me to show them how to market a re-issued Jupiter 8 if they can't seem to figure it out for themselves…

  29. I guess this is a good move from Roland, everyone talks about it! It doesn't even matter if it sounds good or bad, and I guess it sounds acceptable, but it is a name that will sell this bastard.
    I would really loved it if it was analog, but hey, you didn't really expected it to be one?
    Or does anyone expect from Roland to survive making soft synths and MIDI controllers?
    They tried to make a product they can sell today – I don't believe they'll make a fortune with it, but they will sell it for sure. The days of massively produced quality hardware synths are gone.
    I am not dissapointed actually, I'm simply going to pass it as it doesn't exist.

  30. I like this keyboard i think that it's outstanding sounds perfect to me and it's right up my street and i believe that it's going to be very successful
    GO ROLAND……..Love It

  31. When I forget that it's named Jupiter and try to look at it objectively…..
    I really like the fact that it has 76 keys! Only for that reason I would buy it, there's too little 76-key synths. And if it has all my Fantom X sound capabilities with VA and a decent rotary organ added it's just what I need to sell my X8. Roland's marketing department has lost it. They should give Rick Wakeman one of these for a month and then go there with cam. And they would do it more justice to call this the Roland D80 or U80. Because I see more links to a D70 (which should've been named a U50) than to a Jupiter. Then bring out a big brother of the Gaia. A JD800 like VA synth. And call that a Jupiter.

  32. Complete and utter fail! WTF Roland? If you are going to stand behind the legend that makes the Jupiter 8 what it truly is, please do not disgrace its name with this digital POS. The JP8 is 'THE' flagship of your product line and this marketing ploy does both the 'Jupiter' and the 'Roland' name no respect or honor.

    As a marketing professional myself, please reconsider the branding here. I'm sure it's a very capable digital workstation you have made here, but it should just be a new Fantom line or something. If your going to go all out on the aluminum casing, then why not make it a real JP8 reissue? If we are capable of making affordable 80017 clones, then it shouldn't be too hard for your large manufacturing facilities to handle it.

    The fact is, people really love your JUNO and Jupiter synthesizer products because of the analog filters, and quality of sound. Why not earmark your success in these areas with those fine synthesizers by reproducing them again… as they originally were? People WILL buy them, and not just the power players, but also the collectors and even the newbs will want at it as well. There is a market, but it's up to you, Roland, to lead yourselves in the right direction. This clearly wasn't that direction.

  33. The key to gauge the Jupiter 80 is to play it once it arrives at a music store. The original Jupiter 8 was very very expensive. The first unit was over $5,000 in 1981 when the the dollar had real value. To replicate this today , it would put it in the same or higher price range of the Korg's now defunct OASYS that retailed for over $8,000 dollars upwards to $10,000. The key to making great music is the ability of the musician. The instrument is only a tool, but the playing ability of the keyboardist and the thinking outside the box mind frame are the key to generating new sounds. Arturia has done an excellent job with its software synthesizers of recreating the Jupiter 8 Sound. The chipset manufacturer does not exist anymore. The key to the sound generation is the chipset. I have used Roland Synthesizers since 1986, and in my opinion the best sounding keyboards that they made were the Jupiter 8, Jupiter 6, and the legendary D50 which was a bear to program and had a programmer that came with it for purchase. In the 1980's most musician wanted to tailor their own sound. We now live in the cut and paste generation that only want to borrow by cutting and pasting sounds. This is the standard for most ??music?? today. Music creation unfortunately has been dumbed down a bit in regards to synths due to desire for 1 key rifts for formula cut and paste music. I have to say that the Yamaha Motif is the keyboard with unlimited sound possibilities. It would take one years to go through all of the possibilities of sound generation with this unit. I say give the Jupiter 80 a chance. First go out and play it and then make your evaluation. Those who raved over the Korg OASYS could not afford an 8 grand keyboard, and this proved to be its demise. It was a great sounding keyboard, but most gigging and performing artist could no afford, and if could, smartly would not take such an expensive board on the road to end up missing in action. Korg could not sell enough of the unit and it had software glitches, so they discontinued. As a musician since 1973 as a child, a lot of times it is not the keyboard, it is what the musician can do with it based upon playing abilities. I will reserve my judgement until I play it myself in person. From what I heard, it sounded good. I think Roland gave Howard Jones his Jupiter 8 back in the 1980's if I am not mistaken. There were several versions of the Jupiter 8 my friends that all had the Jupiter 8 name on it:-) People thought Ford was crazy with the Thunderbird in 1955 as well as Chevrolet with the Corvette. The Vette is the only American sports car then next the Mustang Cobra. The "bird" has been retired again. This is just something critics need to think about. If you are not happy ask for a reissue of the Synclavier that started at well over 12 grand in the 1980's. Most went for $20,000 plus. Try it first at a music store and then submit your reviews.

  34. How do you know for a fact that it cost Korg a ton of money to produce the Oasys? Just curious. If Roland would re-issue the Jupiter 8 and put the Aturia software inside it then I think it would sell. You would think that this would be a piece of cake, but for some unknown reason, Roland is hell bent on forward thinking, while the rest of us want to relive the past.

  35. If Roland would re-issue the Jupiter 8 and put the Aturia software inside it then I think it would sell. You would think that this would be a piece of cake, but for some unknown reason, Roland is hell bent on forward thinking, while the rest of us want to relive the past.

  36. If you want live in the past, get your gigs at e-bay and let the technology take it's way. Try this product seriously with time and then write a frank and honest opinion.

  37. Ok. Stay away from Jupiter 80 and continue sticked on you Motif. Roland does not need users like you! 51 years playing and cant hear the improvement of techology on JP 80? Sorry! You will need another 50 yeas to understand.

  38. The reason people are paying stupid money for vintage Jupiter 8's is because they are ANALOG SYNTHESIZERS that were easy and fun to operate. It's not simply because they had brightly colored buttons. People who were hoping/expecting Roland to reissue the Jupiter 8 in analog are clearly disappointed. I'm one of them.

    I personally have no interest in paying the kind of money people are paying for the old Jupiter 8s. But I'd be willing to pay for a reasonably priced reissue. That's ONLY if it were analog. It's not like analog is completely impossible to produce these days. Moog are doing it. Dave Smith are doing it. Their prices are not too outrageous either. So what is Roland thinking?

    This may be a perfectly fine keyboard. But it should not have the Jupiter name on it. Or if Roland wants to put out this type of keyboard wrapped in the colorful Jupiter scheme at least put out another version in analog with the same knobs and sliders as the original. Call it the Jupiter 80-A. The touch screen is something that could stay on the analog version. If Roland does that they would have total redeemed themselves. But if this is all they intend to put out they've made themselves look like a bunch of bumbling idiots.

  39. FAIL.
    I'd prefer to see a virtual analog version of the Jp-8 brought up to date in the style of a JP-8000 than this monstrosity. Yes, it sounds nice, but it sounds like every synth Roland has released over the last 15 years. I realize analog circuitry is too expensive to be feasable to faithfully produce a modern-day Jupiter-8, but I'm okay with the virtual modeling….but NOT this!
    It would even be SOOOO easy to do, even following the predictability of Roland gear. Re-create the signal path of the Jupiter 8, add the Supersaw wave like the JP-8080, and then give each patch a ton of effects and 4 partials, throw in multiple arpeggiators and you have the new moden-day Jupiter….BUT NOT THIS!!!!!!!

  40. Eveyone keeps talking how today a replica of Jupiter 8 would be north of $10K based on the value of a dollar. Let me tell you from experience. In 80's a transistor was a dollar, today we stuff millions of them on a chip and sell them for 30 bucks or less. Components are cheaper wether they are active or passive, they cost much less than in 80's so the argument of what would it cost today and no one would buy it are misguided. If one wanted an exact copy of Jupiter 8 today in parts it would cost under 300 dollars for components, throw in the keys and chassis, and you got it. I have one and I service it from time to time and if these components were mass produced like everything else is, it would be really inexpensive to reproduce Jupiter for under 300 dollars in circuit boards and components. Plus in these days the PCB technology was expensive, today many layers boards are super cheap where in 80's it was a huge cost of electronics.
    As far as this being a Jupiter, Roland has really let people down. I would not buy this, and if it was given to me, I would sell it on ebay to some idiot.

  41. You could kind of tell Jones was acting restrained when he talked about when he moved to the Jupiter 8, almost to say this thing is not gonna touch my baby.

    A touchscreen? Big deal. That's worth about $100. This thing looks like a massive sucker play for wannabes, aging wannabes at that. That thought is horrifying me. Roland would have been cool as hell if they would've made some hybrid of the Jupiters and the 303, made it 'new analog', and offered a ton of knobs and a touchscreen for about 2k US dollars. The price would sting and some corners would be cut but they would've sold a ton of them. Instead they put some glossy buttons and a shiny box together, and I'd be surprised if this turned out to be anything but a giant flop. There just aren't enough suckers out there at this price point.

    Also, I'm kind of sick of the standard Roland honky sound anyway. It's been used enough to sink a battleship and is distinctly a sound from the past. I own a couple of Roland analogs, and I'm always trying to push them away from that sound. If I want a warm and fuzzy, a Moog sounds better than a Roland anyway. And a Yamaha CS-10 will give you something as ugly as a 303, just different.

    For 3500 bucks, you could get a lot of interesting gear.

  42. This video makes me instantly not want to buy the keyboard. I was right, this keyboard is aimed at the nostalgia market, players that are older who've heard how much a vintage Jupiter 8 now costs, and want a new improved version , with samples to match the hits of their youth. OK, this is really disturbing, not the throwback, just the fact that someone will throw down 3-4k for this. Wow they threw in a Daft Punk song to be 'up to date'. Help me, my eyes are bleeding. OK, I guess the secondary market is younger players stupid enough to want to repeat the 80s.

  43. Korg OASYS. Great sounding keyboard that is………..gone. Marketing is what drives up the cost of the equipment. You need to look at retooling for a major corporation that has turned the corner on analog. Systems engineering and organizational theory does not posit a revisit of technology that has been relegated to the past. There is more to making a great synthesizer than the components. Just like there is more to making a great sports car than components. Case in point a Ferrari 599 versus a Chevrolet Camaro. Similar to same components, but it is the arrangement, tweaking, programming, design, and the delivery of the product when performance is demanded. I reserve my opinions on the unit until it arrives in the music store and I can self demo it myself.

  44. Everyone needs to realize that the MOOG is the definitive synth. It was the first.Bob Moog was a genius.

  45. Like many others on here, I am tired of the same old Roland sounds. I am tired of Roland trying to emulate boring acoustic instruments. The best sounding synths that Roland created were the Jupiter 8 and the JX10. I can pretty much get close enough to acoustic sounds with my JV1000 which is 18 years old now. I own and Alesis Ion and have owned the Andromeda. If Roland recruited the techs that designed those two synths to build a new Jupiter that caters to die hard JP8 fans, I think that they could come up with a winner. This Jupiter 80 is likely going to crash and burn.

  46. Obviously nobody auditioned this Synth in real life !
    Shame on you negative commenters !

    I heard it on Musikmesse in Frankfurt and talked to a Roland engineer and I only can say:
    – The EP emulations are great sounding and very responsive (no Sampling, some kind of additive Synthesis)
    – The Super Natural Piano is also not sample based and is more than OK, same sonic class as the one on Kronos, but by far not a 99% emulation like the V-Piano
    – the Synth emulations are as vintage as you can imagine, it easily covers the repertoire, which was covered by Classics like Jup8, Jup6, CS-80 and others of the classic Polysynth class and this in a very authentic way ! The synth section is clearly headed towards classic Polysynths.
    – The only other bread an butter sound, which was not covered very widely by the demonstrations was the B-3 emulation, but here I would expect nothing worse than VK-8 (except the missing drawbars).
    – Guitars, brass, also based on a kind of modeling, very realistic, but certainly not very important for the average user, but nice to have as a creative tool.

    FYI: This keyboard relies more than 90% on non PCM Synthesis (A kind of a novel additive synthesis/modeling approach), a fact, that you guys obviously completely ignore ! This is not the usual Rompler or a VA, its much more !

    Was the original Jup8 built to emulate natural sounds ? Basically Yes ! Really !
    Is the Jup80 an advance in sound synthesis ? Oh yes !
    Does it have its own sound character ? Oh Yes !
    Was it wise to use a Jupiter name ? Probably not !
    Does Roland do a good marketing on this device ? No !

    This thing easily outperforms a Nord Stage or a VR-760 in almost any aspect so what more do you expect from a stage keyboard ?
    An iPad App from a hardware company ? A sequencer ? A sample player ? Drawbars ?

    What do you think are Jup8 die hard fans ? I would say millionaires, at $6000++ used price you have to pay for a whining, rusty, uncalibrated reace of crap, which is only interesting for collectors. At 2999 EUR, the Jp80 is more than an alternative !

  47. I dont understand all the negitive comments as no one seems to have even played it, As far as it not sounding like the original, well it isnt so it bloody well better not sound like it..

    Analog better than digital? Ive seen this type of opinion in all areas from planes trains to auto mobiles, my Harley can beat the crap out of that honda riceburner, my 79 mustang is…you get the picture. It all hogwash, Digital is much better than analog in some ways as far as sounding better or worse…it just sounds different. yeah my 66 Les Paul sounds better than my 2005 Strat…yeah sure it does but only on mondays wednesdays and fridays.
    Its new so one should assume there is some technological advances worth exploring even artistcally , there must be somethings that can only be done with that device.
    Did Picasso ever use marks-a-lots? Im sure. Pricey though.

  48. OK, I haven’t played it, but the whole idea of a digital Jupiter just makes me nostalgic and immensely sad (and wishing I had about 5000 euro’s to drop on the real thing).

  49. o my word, wow, can any one tell me a good synth that makes trance sounds, and i would love to live the dream and make a tune with trance sounds, or even a program for my mac, with trance sounds, all help much appreciated , please email me at [email protected], if its no trouble.

  50. Oh my God you guys. Seriously, this keyboard looks so beautiful and sounds amazing from the videos. I'm a big fan of Roland and so happy to hear about this. I've been actually dreaming about this damn keyboard. Maybe it's just me, but I've seen keyboards evolve over the years and it's so cool to see technology come to this. Haven't tried it yet but I'm going nuts thinking about it. Seriously guys, why so critical? Roland puts out great stuff.

  51. I won’t be parting with my Jupter 8 for this one. And, yes, I really do have one. If something new is going to bear that name it should be a real analog retro unit. Not another typical workstation with a name that says it’s something else.

  52. Most views here seem negative. I intend to audition the Jupiter 80, but some videos seem to show it having good sub-bass, which is promising. As an owner of both V-Synth XT and Alesis Micron, the one may be running the same software as the Jupiter 80 and the other excels at many sounds, but not sub bass. I love programming sounds in the Micron, and it has many quirky arpeggiator, analogue drum and layering features I've not touched yet. Similarly, the V-Synth XT is a granular synthesis sampler, with multi samples in memory and non-keygrouped samples for user a loading. I will be listening for similarities with my V-Synth when I audition the Jupiter 80, as I don't want to buy the same sound in 2 different boxes. But Roland has a wonderful way of making the "right" sound, that on its own may be a bit naff, but is amazing in a mix.

  53. I have both V Synth Gt and Jupiter 80… V Synth GT is uncomparable!!! Jupiter 80 does not have time trip pad, dual D-beam for 3D control… Also, V Synth Gt has deep sound editing which Jupiter 80 is not including even close…….. Right now I sold my Jupiter 80 but I gladly keep my V Synth GT – And I’m happy for the choice I did. V Synth GT is the ultimate analog and acoustic instrument! But Jupiter 80 is 100% FAKE!!!

  54. Roland….you are complete morons. trying to flog this Famtom-style updated thing as a Jupiter is an insult to my intelligence. do you think i will blindly buy your digital piece of crap synth because of the name you whacked on it? you cockheads.

    What makes me sad is that once this synth is a giant flop then someone in Roland will say “no-one wants a jupiter, see the figures say so” and this will be understood as the market not wanting a Jupiter 8 remake as well. i can just see it.

    i hope you start going broke Roland. then you might be forced to re-make the Jupiter 8 to save your ass. it will sell by the truckload. just make it analog, and the same. chips arent available? do a low-factory re-run. its not too hard or expensive these days. sheesh.

  55. The Jupiter 80 isn’t bad. Sure the name is ill fitting, but it isn’t bad. And Roland probably won’t ever remake the Jupiter 8, it would cost too much to make a reasonable profit.

  56. Thank you, I’ve just been searching for info about this subject for a long time and yours is the greatest I have discovered so far. But, what concerning the bottom line? Are you certain about the supply?|What i don’t realize is in fact how you are not really a lot more well-appreciated than you might be right now. You are very intelligent.

  57. For all of you who bashed the Roland Jupiter 80 before it came out, you can shut your mouths. It is one of the hottest and best selling keyboards right now. I have played one several times and the sounds are great. The original Jupiter 8 had problems when touring in the 80’s, and many times the units would not work or survive a road tour, so you would have to have more than one unit J. I. C, just in case. Telling you from experience. The Jupiter 50 is okay and the baby brother as one would say of the Jupiter 80. The Jupiter 8 was not an easy unit to program and get sounds as some of those would like to purport who have never seen, touched, or played the Jupiter 8 or the Jupiter 6 πŸ™‚ The Lemming Generation only parrots what it has been told and has a problem with independent thinking. I played the Roland Jupiter 80, and I liked what I heard and the way the keys feel. I have a room full of keyboards and have run out of space to add another keyboard at this moment, but this would be one that I would recommend to anyone to purchase as a work station as well as the Kurzweil PC 3 and Kurzweil PC LE (Both in 88 key formats because I create and write music of all genres and need the full keyboard register), Yahama Motif ES, and the original BABY that started it all MOOG Voyager XL. The problem is that with Roland, Yamaha, Kurzweil, and MOOG, you have to be able to PLAY and not rely on one key riffs. Is that the reason a lot of people had issues with the Roland Jupiter 80? Awesome sounding keyboard. One cannot go wrong with purchasing one of these.

    1. Roland is not going to reissue the Jupiter 8, so those of you want an accurate emulation of it have to go no further than Arturia but you will need a computer and keyboard controller. πŸ™‚ The Jupiter 80 and Fanthom are worlds apart in regards to sound and technology. Arturia has done an excellent job with the Jupiter 8 emulations. It takes me back to the days of Duran Duran, Howard Jones, Herbie Hancock, Van Halen, and the list could go on with pro’s that used this unit that I loved at live gigs.. No company is going to go back in technology to please a few people. Ford re-engineered the classic Mustang and gave it a new look but did not use 1964, 65, 66, 67, 68, 70, or 71 technology. Get real!! If you want analog go with Dave Smith Systems, the Prophet 08 for example. This units sound great. The Jupiter 8 is gone baby gone and is not coming back, but if you want that sound get it from Arturia.

  58. To all the haters. The original Jupiter 8 was trying to sound like real acoustic instruments. Just like the Roland drum machines were supposed to sound like real drums. They didn’t of course and gave rise to awesome electronic sounds. But this is why the Jupiter 80 has supernatural acoustic sounds on it !!! And those acoustic sounds are the best.
    I can understand people being upset about virtual analog as opposed to true analog and Roland using the Jupiter name.
    But not the fact that they’ve included acoustic instruments.

  59. The ONLY complaint I have is they advertised that AMAZING lead guitar and distortion guitar with that one person playing it… Yeah I’m too lazy to look up their name even thought the video is right there… Point being I own this unit and LOVE it. Most of these bashing haters probably have never played a Jupiter 80. OH and by the way go look at the price now haha PSHAHAAA Anyway I wish they would have added that sound at least.The lead guitar with harmonics. MY ONLY COMPLAINT!

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