Steinberg HALion 4 First Look

Steinberg has introduced HALion 4, the latest incarnation of their VST sampler at Musikmesse 2011.

Here’s what Steinberg has to say about HALion 4:

The core of HALion 4 is driven by a future-proof sample engine with 32 stereo outputs, 6-channel surround support and an unlimited number of audio buses with flexible routing options.

A collection of 44 studio-grade effect processors, comprising everything from jaw-dropping modulation to high-end reverberation, is provided to fuel the internal mixing desk.

Among the highlights of HALion 4 is the ultra-flexible user interface, featuring scalable and moveable windows, function tabs and saveable window layouts — a time-saving approach when it comes to dealing with large-scale projects. The efficient Quick Controls, an undo history and on-the-fly mapping functions further streamline your workflow.

For those seeking for more creative headroom, HALion 4 holds a complete virtual-analog synth section. Plus, advanced sound creation tools, such as MegaTrig and FlexPhraser, enable you to create authentic instrument articulations and sophisticated playing styles, while a top-notch sound library with more than 1,600 presets complements the sound designer’s toolbox. On top of this, HALion 4 features the most comprehensive VST 3.5 integration available today, making this new tool a truly universal sound creation system for the most exacting demands.

HALion 4 is expected to ship in June 2011, for about $329 or EUR 349.

One thought on “Steinberg HALion 4 First Look

  1. I'm more interesetd synthesis, so when I use samples, I use them as original harmonic content and as the source for an oscillator. Ableton Sampler and Camel Audio Alchemy with their no-popu interfaces with sliding panels realy makes for organic workflow.

    Now I realize that if you are going to reproduce orchestral sounds with realism, you might need a ton of features that are not in Sampler or Alchemy – but man when I got to 1:27 in the video I thought "that is a lot of damn windows".

    Still, good there some competiton in this space.

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