Free Ableton Live Racks From AfroDJMac

AfroDjMac sends word of plans to release a free Ableton Live rack every week:

Every week I’m releaseing Free Ableton Live Racks and this one is a backwards piano. I sampled each key on my old Kranich and Bach 1913 upright piano and then reversed the samples, laid it out on an Ableton Rack and added effects. It creates a fun, trippy instrument. Enjoy!

Last week, the freebie Live pack featured eBowed acoustic guitar:

Download the Live sets with these racks from the AfroDJMac site.

5 thoughts on “Free Ableton Live Racks From AfroDJMac

  1. There are two small caveats people need to be aware off..

    The first is hardly an issue but you're not downloading a preset but an entire liveset. So incorporating the rack into your own live sets (projects) may require some extra work. Keep an eye open for external references.

    The second is that he's put Sampler into the rack and kept it. While this doesn't stop Live 8 users from using this they won't be able to open up the rack to tweak things in the way he shows in the demos. So you'd really need Suite 8 to get the most out of these freebies (although you could still use the samples manually yourself I suppose).

    A good tip for people who have Sampler and want to release work "to the public": right click on the title bar and use the "Sampler -> Simpler" option at the bottom. This preserves all the stuff you created but still allows people who don't have Sampler to tweak the setup to a certain degree.

    1. I don't think that'll work. Since Live 8.1.3 (iirc) they changed the format in which you save data, so I don't think that presets or live sets from Live 8 will work on Live 7.

  2. Thanks for that suggestion regarding using the Sampler to Simpler function, I definitely do not want to exclude anyone from using these. I find that creating an entire Live Set is a practical way of including the samples that are built into the instrument. I just hit "Collect and Save," and zip up the file, and everything is in one nice neat place. In order to use the Rack in your own projects, simply click on the little save icon on the rack itself (looks like a floppy disc) and it will save the preset, as well as the samples to your library.
    I appreciate the advice on Simpler, I'll try to incorporate that into future releases.
    Thanks SynthFan 🙂

  3. Glad I could help.

    And thanks for sharing this stuff! It gives pretty cool effects and I think its always interesting to see how others setup (build, mix, use) their sound material.

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