John Bowen Solaris Now Shipping

Synth designer John Bowen has announced that his Solaris keyboard synthesizer is now shipping.

The general concept behind the Solaris synthesizer is to implement something like a giant wall-sized modular system entirely in software, where you can select among several completely different types of oscillators and filters. The Solaris offers up to four oscillators, four filters, four amplifiers, four four-input mixers, six envelope generators, two looping envelope generators, five LFOs, two vector mixers and more modules in each program.


  • 4 Oscillators, each with several types available:
  • MultiMode, WaveTable, CEM, WAV (sample playback),
  • VS (single cycle waves), Mini
  • 4 Filters, each with selectable Inputs. Filter types are:
  • MultiMode Lowpass, 24, 18, 12, 6 dB, Highpass 24, 18, 12, 6 dB, Bandpass 24 dB, Comb (2 types), State Variable 12 dB LP, HP, BP, & BR,SSM Lowpass 24 dB , Mini (Ladder) Lowpass 24 dB, Vocal Formant
  • 2 Vector Mixers, 2 Rotors (special 4-step waveshape sequences),
  • 2 AM sections (includes Ring Mod)
  • 6 DADSRs, 1 8-stage loopable envelope
  • 4 free LFOs, 1 Vibrato LFO. Each LFO features delayed start,
  • fade in and fade out times, key sync and Phase control
  • Phaser, Chorus/Flanger, Phaser, Delay, 3-band EQ effects

The initial production run is limited to 100 units. Pricing isĀ $3999.

via Sonic State, JohnBowen

4 thoughts on “John Bowen Solaris Now Shipping

  1. Considering how massive the design really is, its clearly a Big Commitment Synth. At that price and number of units, how many users are really going to explore it in depth? Will it have a strong sonic imprint like the D-50 did, or can much of ANY synth do that now, with all of the advances we take for granted?

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