19 thoughts on “Yamaha i-MX1 – MIDI Interface For iPad, iPhone, iPod touch

  1. And I suppose, like the Line 6 device, will only allow you to run on batter power while using it? When will someone create one of these interfaces that will also allow us to POWER the devices while we're using the interface? Is it too much to ask?

    In the meantime, I'll continue to use an audio splitter and run the signal to a SONUUS G2M …

  2. Unlike the MIDI Mobilizer, at least this thing uses CoreMIDI and it's not a proprietary SDK, lol. That's a WIN.

    On the other hand, iConnectMIDI and the iODock will be my goto i/o's anyway.

    There's no mention anywhere as to what's on the other end of that cable. 5pin standard MIDI connectors? USB? I'm guessing standard MIDI….

  3. This thing looks exactly like the MIDI Mobilizer.

    Is this rebranded or just ripped off?

    I'd love it if the MIDI Mobilizer was CoreMIDI!

  4. You gotta remember before Apple/Steve decided to hop off that Unicorn and add coreMIDI. line 6 paved the way. I still love my MM.

  5. Yamaha's press kit says :
    "…In a small, black device the i-MX1 carries the needed electronics and two connectors for the included adapter cables which represent the MIDI input and ouput (with the well known 16 MIDI channels each)."

    I think that means traditional DIN-type MIDI !/O plugs. A USB option would be handy too!

  6. @roninarchivist: the regular USB camera connector kit delivers a small amount of power, but it works fine powering small USB MIDI devices like the LPK25 and LPD8.
    @ravenmek: I have an LPK25 and a Synthstation. I like the Synthstation because it gives me the feel of an all-in-one portable synth rather than a keyboard connected to my iPhone. I also connect one to the iPhone and one to the iPad (or laptop) for a multi-device rig. [Wish all hardware synths (ahem, Prophet ’08) had USB MIDI as well – 31 KHz MIDI is so 1980s. But I also wish the little gadgets had old-school MIDI as well as USB. 😉 ]
    @pyxl8r: yeah, it would be nice if it had both and could do them simultaneously! the existing USB camera connector works fine for a single device, but it isn’t hubbable unfortunately.

  7. I hate to disagree with you, but the camera connection kit is hubable. I am running several keyboards thru it using a "POWERED" DYNEX 7 PORT hub I picked up at BEST BUY. I can play my AKAI LPK 25, AXIOM 25 GEN 3, and AXIOM 49 GEN 2 thru it at the same time.

    The funny thing is that some of these keyboards are not on the list of ones that work, but I can assure you that with this setup they do. Even the drum pads on the AXIOMS and the ARPEGIATOR on the LPK 25 work fine.

  8. Hi guest, can you tell me this: if you create an arpeggio with the synthstation app, can you control it using the external akai keyboard? In fact I bought both camera connection and line6 midimobilizer and with many compatible apps I BOUGHT (a lot of money spent for nothing) I am not able to create synth arpeggios because It seems that ipad do not understand or receive external clock syncro. I use a yamaha psr s-910 keyboard and I bought: steppolyarp, 50 in 1, pianistpro, SynthX, Fairlight, XENON Groove Synthesizer, S1MidiTrigger, Midi Live, Pro Keys, nanostudio,KORG iMS-20, NLog Free Synth,bs-16i. No one lets me create arpeggios but nearly all play the notes I play, the problem is in the clock.

  9. Hi Andrea,
    The Arpeggiator on the AKAI LPK 25 works great in any core midi IPAD app. Honestly, I don't use an arpeggiator much but I tried it and it works fine in Garageband, Nano, Music Studio, 50 in 1, Xenon, Synth X, Nlog Pro, Mini Synth Pro, IMS 20, Symphonix Evolution, Organ Plus and others I am sure. Oddly enough, it doesn't work with the Akai Synthstation app as that app is designed for the Synthstation25…..or maybe it does and I am just too tired to figure it out. As far as triggering the arpeggio you created in the app, I will try with my Synthstation25 tomorrow and see what happens but I would think any midi capable app would start the arpeggio on whatever note you press. I think that is what happened when I tried it in Pianist Pro a while back, but since I took that app off my Ipad I can't test it right now.

  10. I noticed that IK's new iRig MIDI unit includes one of those mini-USB power connectors. So that should solve the problem of draining your iPhone/iPads batteries flat during use !
    Ah also, they provide MIDI THRU as well as IN and OUT. Cool !

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