The Livid Block iPad Dock First Look

Livid Instruments released this first look video for the new Livid Block iPad Dock – a prototype dock that combines a monome-style grid controller with the adaptive multitouch control capabilities of the iPad.

Explanatory discussion of the setup starts about 4:05 into the video.

Coolest vaporware in quite awhile! If you’re an iPad user, let us know what you think of the Livid Block iPad Dock concept!

10 thoughts on “The Livid Block iPad Dock First Look

  1. Looks like iblock merely adds physical space to hold the iPad; the connection with the computer seems to be via the regular Dock Connector to USB cable?

    This also means that the communication with the computer must be wireless, because that cable is only for charging and synchronization. So there will be no improvement in latency.

  2. For those DJ's that drink beer while performing, your fingers all wet, attempting to touch control this app. during your performance….well, good luck.

  3. albeton? nice prototype though, but with touchscreen prices lowering each month why just don't include a built in touchscreen?

  4. I guess this is another reason why the "walled garden" is good for App developers and third party organizations so they can make cool stuff like this 🙂 Looking forward to seeing more cool gear.

  5. Yes, it is a place to add additional, flexible, customizable controls next to the block's buttons, knobs, and sliders. However, the block can control CoreMIDI apps via the camera connection kit and a powered usb hub. iElectribe app + dock anyone? 🙂 One reason to not "just add a touchscreen" is that millions of people already have one that is way better and more flexible than one that we would include with a MIDI controller!

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