7 thoughts on “Warping In Ableton Live 8 Tutorial

  1. I was a little under impressed here. Sure, this is one way to setup warping but personally I prefer letting Live do all the hard work. You know; using warping modes like "beats", "tones" or sometimes even the "complex" mode. Yet the most important thing missing in this video is the reasoning behind it. Why would you want to use warping here?

    Another thing surprising me was while he says to explain warping he didn't mention the 'warp' button even once. This surprised me because by default Live has the option "Auto-Warp long samples" turned off. So: if you drag in a large audio clip like he has you won't have warping turned on, so newbies might get puzzled since Live won't show them any warp markers by itself.

  2. He was warping wrong… after he created and moved the second marker, he should have realized that in effect, he just shifted forward everything behind that marker. When warping, you need to create a dummy warper first so the one you are warping doesn't effect the previous audio.

    Good try tho.

    And synthfan… the warp modes you speak of have nothing to do with being "on beat" : they refer to different algorithms used to produce the highest quality on a number of different sources. Letting live do "all the hard work" usually results in sloppy warps (if you are doing remixes on a cappella, you would know what I mean.

  3. When you bring in full tracks, especially mp3's with autowarp on, Live 8 has a habit of putting the 2 as the 1. If you want to do a full multi track DJ mix with edits, this creates a major PITA. There are times when you want to move everything from a warp maker on a bit later, or a bit sooner and at those times you do not want to use a dummy marker, which can be a good idea with smaller sections.

    I do not think Vespers is weak at all. He has done quite a few good vids.

  4. I'm not trying to devalue Vesper.. but watch it again. His warping lesson was not very good, AND he made a major mistake.

  5. I'm well aware of the warp modes. But it would have given him a much better starting point. As to "sloppy ways"; perhaps so but IMO not when you know what you're doing.

    Which is one of the reasons I'm under impressed with this video since it doesn't explain anything.

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