17 thoughts on “Devo – What We Do (Music Video)

  1. …COOL!!!…old guys like me trying to be cool!!! Too funny!!! And it sounds kinda fresh compared to the stale 'House' music that has strangled much of the industry…

  2. Devo is still awesome, loved them in my childhood, and love them now.
    Peek-a-boo is still one of the best songs ever….

  3. I think Devo deserves credit for still kind of weirding out their audience (while still pandering to them) on tour. As I left the show, I heard someone say "You know, this show just shows what a great band Devo is and how they will never really be popular." Of course, my favorite part of the show was when one of their old analog synthesizers (I think they had a Minimoog and a Prophet 5 on stage at least?) went wildly out of tune and couldn't really be played for most of a song.

    (Mark Mothersbaugh, however, was actually *in* tune, even on the high notes on Gates of Steel, demonstrating the occasional ironic advantages of man vs. machine.)

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