Eowave Koma Analogue Bassline Synth + Sequencer First Look

Eowave Koma

Eowave has introduced the Koma synthesizer – a new analogue bassline synthesizer, inspired by classic synths from the 80s.

Features include 4 different waveforms (saw, square, sub, noise), a 24 dB low-pass filter and a 16-step sequencer. The 16 steps sequencer has 4 rows: 1 for the notes and 3 that are freely assignable to a parameter of your choice.

The Eowave Koma is expected to be available Fall 2011, for 599 € excl. VAT. Details below. 

Oscillator section

  • analogue VCO with square saw sub (sub can be 1 or 2 octaves below the master freq), noise.
  • VCO can be modulated by LFO and PW
  • Variable glide
  • mixer to mix the 4 waveforms

Filter section

  • external audio with a trimmer to feed the filter
  • 24dB low pass filter roland style for a classical 80s sound
  • filter can be modulated by env2, KB, lfo.

VCA section

  • VCA is affected to env1
  • 2 envelopes ADSR modulate respectively the amplitude and the filter.
  • Attack goes from 2ms to 10s.

LFO section

  • LFO with 8 waveforms (triangle, ramp up, ramp down, square, random, digital noise, staircase up, staircase down)


  • audio in
  • audio out
  • MIDI in
  • Usb (for software update and MIDI in&out)


  • 16 steps sequencer with LED
  • 4 rows: 1 row controls gates and notes.
  • 3 other rows are freely assignable to any parameter of the front panel.
  • You can transpose the sequencer with an external MIDI keyboard.

via matrixsynth, Eowave

19 thoughts on “Eowave Koma Analogue Bassline Synth + Sequencer First Look

  1. Looks hip, yeah. But me and 3 Monotron's will wipe the flippin floor with this toad stool, monkey racket.

    1. not really… the FR doesn't have 4 seq lanes (it has one).

      Koma has a sick LFO, Revolution does not.

      Koma has an extra envelope

      Koma has USB midi, rev doesn't

      Koma has sub-oscs…. better wave mixing, PW mod, etc…

      To answer your question, no. The FR Revolution is awesome, but not even close to as powerful as this.

      The Koma's sequencer alone is WAAAAY cooler than what is on the revolution

  2. But the FR does 256 patterns, offers song sequencing, plays sequences forward, reverse or "remixed", has CV's for modular support, has a built-in DSP effects processor and looks sick.

  3. This has one sequencer, but with 3 midi cc controls and one for notes. hardly 4 sequencers. Also, it's only midi, which is fine, but really, not much compared to cv & midi. USB in is meh. Saves an adapter i guess. The rev also has cv in, (to it's cutoff), which can include an lfo, or any cv response. The Rev's dsp effects are nothing to write home about. It looks cool and all that, (4 osc to mix!), but really, as is the trend, just another midi mono synth. Anyhow, Eowave are a solid company. Let's hope it's something special.

  4. I didn't see or read about an 'accent' control, Do people who design such things really listen to music written with tb 303s.
    So will it have accent? The xoxbox will take some beating!!!

  5. I own a revolution… and a modular… and they are both awesome.

    BUT… the automation possibility (4 lanes) in this new synth should produce sequences that are impossible to reproduce with the revolution. Also, the synth specs alone are much more impressive on the Eowave.

    I guess we will all just have to wait before coming to any solid opinions tho… because you AND I have no clue how this thing sounds yet.

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