60 Years Of The Wilhelm Scream

This is a bit off topic – but this video compiles 60 years of the use of the “Wilhelm Scream’ – a popular stock scream that has been used in countless films, tv shows, and video games.

It’s sort of the Amen Break of cinema.

It was recorded in 1951 for Distant Drums, but has become a bit of a sound editor’s inside joke, finding infamy when sound magician Ben Burtt snuck it into the films he was working on, especially Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

via Cinexcellence

2 thoughts on “60 Years Of The Wilhelm Scream

  1. Finally recognition! I've seen all Star Wars movies as well as Kill Bill (1 & 2) and I noticed this scream being used, which puzzled me a little. This got triggered (a bit) due to 'Empire' when Luke shoots the first AT-AT; you hear shouts sounding like "that's it!". In 'Jedi' just when Luke faces Sarlacc you'll see another craft hoover along which produces the exact same sound.

    I think this to be a pretty interesting issue. At least most people into electronic music seem to have enough wits to add at least some specific effects to (commonly used) sounds.

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