AudioGL Modular Software Synthesizer & Sequencer (Sneak Preview)

This is a video teaser forĀ AudioGL, a new modular software synthesizer and sequencer, currently in “pre-beta” state.

There’s no website or additional information on this yet – but the teaser does have us interested……..

via AudioGL:

The music in this video is 100% synthesized, and does not contain any samples. The visuals are procedural as well.

11 thoughts on “AudioGL Modular Software Synthesizer & Sequencer (Sneak Preview)

  1. Interesting. I like the concept, and the sound/visuals look good, but I think this is largely a bullshot. There are lots of changes in the visuals at the same time as very few changes in the audio. Also, stuff is often moving around visually without any perceptible changes in audio, so I bet a lot of it is staged for show. The camera jumping around also seems to have nothing to do with the audio itself, so again this must be scripted or something.

    I love the idea of this sort of software, but the sweet spot is hard to hit. If it's too complex to use, it ends up being easier and funner to stay with the tools we have. And if it's too simplified (like the reactable) you end up with a toy that can't really be used for real composition. Best of luck to these guys… hopefully the video gets them the funding they need.

  2. Nice idea, a multi-dimensional DAW music composition travelling through space.
    Too bad that there are more software developers involved in programming simulated wars and violence then there are in creating a Beatifully stylized bugfree audio visual composition instrument.
    Fun thing = funding

  3. Not sure what the heck is going on in this video!

    I like the music alright, but don't understand what's going on with the visuals.

    Can anyone explain?

  4. I'm guessing the interface is a mockup but that they have a working modular synthesis system going on. Let's face it, for a bunch of audio developers, that's going to be the most difficult thing to implement properly.

  5. This synth is incredible and I think the interface is intuitive and the modulation options are incredible.
    The best synth I have ever seen – EVER!

  6. Have you ever heard of Kickstarter.Com? It's a place to get funding. With a project of this scope and caliber, you will certainly get the funding that you deserve. This is truly incredible; anyone with any electronic music and composition experience can see that.

  7. It' incredible all i ever dreamed of !! what about any hardware integration ? maybe a 3d scroll/view remote ,And i also suggest a vj way via an other computer.

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