iWah Turns Your iPad Into A $700 Wah Pedal


We’ve been accused of being iOS fanboys, but we’re actually a bit skeptical about the iWah – a pedal + dock that turns your iPad into a $700 wah pedal.

A $700 glass wah pedal, sitting by your foot, on a dark stage.

Check out the video demo and let us know what you think……

Details below. 


  • made of aircraft 6061 T-6 aluminum
  • bead blasted finish (other colors are available upon request)
  • Special edition “hot pink” model where 10% of the sale will go to the National Cancer Institute.
  • iPad cradle allows both landscape and portrait mode.
  • Magnetic “lock” and pin feature holds the iPad cradle in place.
  • Silicone tubing and bumpers are used on the iPad cradle to protect your investment.
  • rubber bumpers are used on the base to prevent slipping and protect hardwood floors.
  • non-slip grip tape used on foot pedal.
  • cradle design allows ipad to remain plug in for continual charge.

The iWah sells for $135 at IIXXStands

24 thoughts on “iWah Turns Your iPad Into A $700 Wah Pedal

  1. That might be ok for someone playing at home, but there is now way that thing would survive real gigging. Or more specifically, the frame would probably be fine, but the iPad would be destroyed within a week of serious gigging. Sooooooo many things that can go wrong on even the most well organized stage when you leave an expensive glass screen on the floor.

    I also can't believe he talks for three minutes about how to orient the iPad! He doesn't even show the thing working until 8:45. LOL The vid would be more effective if he started it right there.

  2. It seems like this would put a lot of stress on the headphone jack unless there was a clever way to isolate the cables coming out of the iPad so they wouldn't pull on the jack during pedaling.

    I'm not Sure why anyone would use this as a substitute for something like a Digitech or Zoom pedal effects unit, which costs about the same as the iWah pedal but also has patch select buttons and doesn't put your iPad in harms way.

  3. All this I pad stuff is Hilarious, Unless I am missing something it seems like a joke!!
    Good luck to gigging musicians!!they will need it!! You get a great analogue wah for a fraction of the cost.
    Midi Boy

  4. I admire the craftsmanship, but this has to be the most tedious explanation of the most nonsensical piece of kit I have ever seen….

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