New Sampling Instrument For iOS, Sampler

Binary BleepsBinary Bleeps sends word aboutΒ Sampler (App Store link), a new sampling performance instrument with motion-controlled pitch, filter, delay, and bit crusher effects.


  • Record from the microphone or paste audio from other apps.
  • Play your samples from velocity sensitive pads.
  • Control effects through the motion of your device.
  • Save samples and record performances.

The effects section is motion- controllable. Effect parameters can be assigned to your device’s tilt axes.

Sampler comes with a real-time pitch shifter, a resonant lowpass filter, a feedback delay and a lo-fi bit crusher, all of which can be active simultaneously.

Performances can be copied into other apps or transferred to your computer via iTunes file sharing. AudioCopy and AudioPaste are supported.

Binary Bleeps Sampler for iOS is currently available forΒ $0.99 / €0.79.

13 thoughts on “New Sampling Instrument For iOS, Sampler

  1. Just downloaded it. Very cool. Real seamless capturing of sound and nice to have on pads. Effects are a bit tricky to use but sound nice and there does not seem to be any monitoring of input levels. I can totally see myself using this to capture ideas out in the real world and bring my performances into Ableton.

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