iPad + Modular Synthesis = The Best Of Both Worlds?

The introduction of iPad coverage to Synthtopia over the last year or so has been contentious – with many readers put off a bit by our coverage of music software for both iOS and the Android platform.

These devices are rapidly being adopted, though, as tools for making electronic music.

Here’s an example of an iPad being used to control a modular synthesizer, creating a best of both worlds setup:

  • The iPad is running AMOS.
  • The iPad is connected to the modular via the Camera Connector kit, an M-Audio Uno into an Encore Expressionist MIDI-to-CV convertor.
  • The control voltages are connected to 5 oscillators in the modular synth.
  • Each oscillator is assigned a different MIDI channel, corresponding to a “ball” trigger within AMOS.

Any other readers experimenting with combining multi-touch controllers with modular synths?

4 thoughts on “iPad + Modular Synthesis = The Best Of Both Worlds?

  1. Stuff like this is why I kept my iPad 1 around when I got a 2. Great vid. I need to finish the case for my MFOS modular…

  2. idb – developers still have a lot of catching up with the potential offered by the iPad, but they are coming up with a lot of interesting and useful stuff for musicians.

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