AudioCopy Compatible App List & Demo

AudioCopy/AudioPaste is a de facto standard, developed by Sonoma Wire Works, for sharing audio between compatible apps on the iPhone, iPad and ipod touch.

You can see a demo of AudioCopy in action above.

Here’s how it AudioCopy works:

  1. Record audio using any AudioCopy compatible app.
  2. Open the AudioCopy Song Tool within the compatible app.
  3. Preview and Copy Audio. The audio data captured includes tempo info, file format info, the name of the app copied from, duration, and more.
  4. Select an app to Paste to from the “Compatible Apps List”.
    1. If owned, the app will launch, and pasting can be done using that app’s AudioPaste Tool.
    2. If not owned, you’ll be taken to the store to purchase first, then you’ll be able to paste.
  5. Clipboard will keep your data until you paste it into your purchased app, or until you copy other audio.
  6. AudioPaste Clipboard will display the info captured, and allow you to choose how many loops to paste.

AudioCopy support is getting added to more and more iOS apps. Here’s a list of apps that currently support it.

AudioCopy Compatible Apps:

  • Fourtrack By Sonoma Wire Works & Retronyms
  • Studiotrack For Ipad By Sonoma Wire Works & Retronyms
  • 20 Instantdrummer Apps By Sonoma Wire Works
  • Dopplerpad By Retronyms
  • Recorder By Retronyms
  • Vox 3000 By Retronyms
  • Morphwiz For Ipad By Jordan Rudess: Wizdom Music, Llc
  • Compressor, Equalizer, Reverb & Audioview By Tibor Horvath
  • Reforge (audiocopy + Audiopaste 1.1): The Swiss Army Knife For Audio Files On Ipad. Edit The Wave Form Directly Just By Touching It. Set Selections To Copy And Paste Within The Files Or Even Paste From Another File.
  • Audioforge (audiocopy + Audiopaste 1.1): Envelope Based Audio Editor For Iphone.
  • Looptastic Producer By Sound Trends
  • Bassline By Finger
  • Drumtrack8 By Simple Is Beautiful
  • Thumbjam By Sonosaurus
  • Jasuto Pro By Chris Wolfe
  • Monle By Ochen K.
  • Guitar By Frontier Design Group
  • Ishred By Frontier Design Group
  • Pianostudio By Frontier Design Group
  • Everyday Looper By Mancing Dolecules
  • Beat Vibe For Ipad By Tiv Audio
  • Hexaphone By Impresario Digital
  • Report-it Ee & Report-it Live By Tieline
  • Dxi Fm Synthesizer By Takashi Mizuhiki
  • Isequence For Ipad By Beepstreet
  • Looptastic Hd By Sound Trends
  • Studio.Hd By Sound Trends
  • Loopxtreme By Extremely Nice Apps
  • Twistedwave Audio Editor By Thomas Thiriez
  • Molten Drum Machine By One Red Dog Media
  • Voicejam By Tc-helicon
  • Mixtikl By Intermorphic Ltd.
  • Chordbot By Lars Careliusson
  • Sylo Synthesizer By Wooji Juice
  • Drumtrackhd By Simple Is Beautiful
  • Fingerbeat By Elionze Group
  • Synthx By Way Out Ware
  • Beat Twirl By Tiv Audio
  • Nlogsynth Pro By Tempo Rubato
  • Nlog Midi Synth Pro By Tempo Rubato
  • Gr├╝vtron By Sound Trends
  • Sample Lab By Fotoh
  • Ielectribe By Korg
  • Ims-20 By Korg
  • Beatstudio By Frontier Design Group

6 thoughts on “AudioCopy Compatible App List & Demo

  1. What is really needed on this platform is a way to open your instruments inside your recorder app. Like VST but for iPad.

  2. It's nice when a bunch of different companies manage to coalesce around a single solution without being forced.

  3. the thing is apple developed an audio paste, which is supposed to be standard across the system. beat maker uses it. but sonoma ignored it. they make more money selling twenty apps that do one thing, rather than one app that does enough.

  4. Copied from Sonoma's page: "Apple's UIPasteboard gives developers an option of using either Apple's General Pasteboard which is public (Intua uses this for Beatmaker), or a user defined pasteboard (Sonoma's AudioCopy/AudioPaste). Sonoma carefully considered using the public audio pasteboard type, but it is not as defined. The Sonoma AudioCopy/Paste SDK defines the audio data, includes meta data (source app, tempo, time length, mono/stereo, which tracks to paste to, how many loops), creates a way to keep track of which apps work together and makes it easy for users to launch the app they would like to paste to (compatible apps list)."

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