Soundtorch 2.0 For Windows Makes Audio Browsing Gorgeous. But Is It Useful?

Developer Accessive Tools has introduced Soundtorch 2.0, a new tool for Windows that’s designed to let you browse through audio files very quickly.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Audio Browsing Redefined.

Soundtorch lets you browse through your audio collection extremely fast. Just drag your audio files onto the Soundtorch view ? all sounds are immediately arranged in a meaningful way and ready to be auditioned. Soundtorch is driven by the C.A.S.E. (Computer Aided Sound Exploration) engine, a sophisticated suite of algorithms that analyze and intelligently classify your audio collection.

With Soundtorch you can listen to sounds using a virtual torchlight ? all sounds illuminated by the light are played back simultaneously. This allows you to get an overview of literally thousands of sound files in a matter of mere minutes. As you zoom in or focus the light beam, you can still listen to one sound at a time.

Even though Soundtorch plays so many sounds at once, there’s no cacophony. Your mind is powerful enough to easily spot the sound you like. Soundtorch further positions each playing sound on a surround system, or uses advanced surround virtualization when listening with headphones.

Soundtorch 2.0 is now in public beta testing. 

While Soundtorch looks gorgeous, we’re not sure that browsing audio files this way would be any faster than using a standard Explorer windows.

Check it out  and let us know what you think about organizing your audio files with an approach like Soundtorch.

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