Antares Intros ATG-6 Auto-Tune For Guitar

Antares has announced ATG-6, aka Auto-Tune for your guitar.

Here’s what they have to say about it?

In the years since its introduction, Antares Auto-Tune has literally revolutionized the process of vocal production.

Now, with our new ATG-6™ guitar technology, we’re doing the same for guitar.

ATG-6 is a DSP-based suite of functions that offer everything you’ve always wanted from a guitar, along with capabilities you never imagined possible. From flawless intonation to astonishing tonal flexibility to alternate tunings that open up entirely new areas of inspiration and creativity, ATG-6 technology seriously expands the flexibility and range of the electric guitar while letting you continue to play your own way.

Using our new Solid-Tune Intonation system, an ATG-6 equipped guitar constantly monitors the precise pitch of each individual string and makes any corrections necessary to ensure that every note of every chord and riff is always in tune, regardless of variables like finger position or pressure or physical limitations of the instrument. As a result, listening to a guitar with Solid-Tune is a revelation, offering a purity of intonation that has simply never before been possible.

ATG-6 – Six Times The Auto-Tune Pain?

At this point, Auto-Tune for Guitar is just an announcement, Antares hasn’t released audio or video demos.

And our gut-level reaction is that ATG-6 could be six times as annoying as Auto-Tune for vocals.

But Auto-Tune for guitars also promises new tuning options, and potential as a creative tool for guitars and possibly other audio sources.

What do you think of the Antares ATG-6 announcement? Are you ready for Auto-Tune for Guitars?

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11 thoughts on “Antares Intros ATG-6 Auto-Tune For Guitar

  1. This is good news- individual real time poly string analysis opens the door to non-midi/hex pick up guitars being able to drive synths/alt tuning, new guitar eq (a la variax etc.)

  2. Im crossing my fingers for an Auto-tune throat implant that way I dont ever have to live through the embarrassment of ever speaking, singing, or screaming out of tune again. Long live mediocrity FTW!

  3. Wow… thank you for Antares for taking one of the most expressive instruments and turning it into a digital piece of crap. On a stringed instrument you specifically do not want complete alignment of your tone. It's the micro-variations that make the instrument so wonderful! Every other company is trying to add more expression and micro-tonal variation to their virtual instruments, but Antares is trying to strip that all away.

    And the "alternate tunings" bit is BS too… this has always been available… just retune the guitar! And how is this software going to handle when I hold two notes, slide a third, and bend the fourth all simultaneously? Am I supposed to be impressed that you can rip that all away and make my playing sound like a bad rompler synth?

    At least players would have to buy a specific instrument to get this level of lame. That will keep most of the talentless lazy hacks from filling youtube with autotuned guitar videos.

  4. Xtopher

    You may want to brush up on the laws of physics, if you think retuning the strings of your guitar will let you play in microtonal tunings.

    Let's wait to hear what this can do, before you condemn it!

  5. As a microtuning fix or creative device, fine. As an effect that makes you sound like a constipated robot – enough already, DO NOT WANT!

  6. Just-Intonation, alternate tunnings and microtonality on my preferred instrument with the touch of a button? I'm in!

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