Video To MIDI In Max For Live

Moovmi is a Max For Live Video-to-MIDI device that produces MIDI note sequences from video data analysis.

It works with both video files and webcam as sources.?The video source is reduced to a low-res grid where each cell generates MIDI notes in a predefined interval and pitch, while the velocity is determined by the luminance of the cell.

The user can influence the midi sequences by processing the source with video parameters such as brightness, contrast, saturation, threshold, colors feedback, etc…

Moovmi can be used for :

  • semi-random drum pattern generation
  • experimental melodies and chords
  • sonification of video installations (using the fullscreen feature)

To use: just select a video source and MIDI note sequences will start immediately.

Moovmi is a free download and comes unlocked : users can open, edit, and re-use parts of this device as they prefer.

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