Modified Toys Are Us (The Modified Toy Orchestra)

The Modified Toy Orchestra are a group that uses circuit bent toys as musical instruments.

Led by Brian Duffy, the British band taps the musical potential hidden in discarded toys, producing varying and novel electronic soundscapes.

The Orchestra’s motif is to use toys that have been discarded and to never pay more than one pound for it. The band boasts a repository of old toys including a 30-year-old Touch & Tell and a rare Hula Barbie.

Before delving full-time into toys, Duffy worked as a sound artist producing music for bands and installations, and even created a device that converts starlight into music.

This video interview offers an introduction to The Modified Toy Orchestra and the ideas behind their sound.

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7 thoughts on “Modified Toys Are Us (The Modified Toy Orchestra)

  1. I’m actually a bit devided with these guys. on one hand I really like what they do, they made circuit bending pop enough making it something you actually enjoy listening to, on the other hand I miss the dirt and punkyness you find in other bands like Roth Mobot. They are a bit too close to being the Green Day of circuit bending, but still… too much of this music just seems to be out there to test your strenght of nerves.

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