The VXXY DCM8 – The World’s First Chip Music Drum Machine

This is a sneak preview of the VXXY DCM8, described as theΒ “worlds first studio production drum machine dedicated to chip music sounds.

The VXXY DCM8 will offer “multiple oscillators, numerous waveforms and modulation options, several noise types, digital filter, lo-fi bit reduction, DAC masking and clipping.”

Official details are to be announced. The DCM8 drum machine is expected to launch June 2011.

Images and demo videos of the DCM8 chip music drum machine below.Β 

This video demonstrates editing patterns on the DCM8 chip music drum machine.

via vxxynet, vxxy on Flickr,, matrixsynth

17 thoughts on “The VXXY DCM8 – The World’s First Chip Music Drum Machine

  1. I would love this thing with a more comprehensive user interface and direct control over 16 instead of just 8 steps.

  2. My thought exactly. I love the Electribe interface – they should just steal that!

    That or have an iOS editor – but pure hardware people would hate that.

    Looks pretty cool, though!

  3. Hmmm. It looks like it's got a single mono output. Asking for individual outputs is perhaps a bit much, but the lack of stereo is disappointing.

  4. You can see if you watch the videos that it does in fact have 16 steps—you switch from the first 8 to the last 8 and back by using those directional buttons on the right.

  5. what is 'stereo' anyway? disappointing : great !! we dont need so much musicians around btw πŸ˜‰

    its a bit offending the word 'chiptune' exploitation !!! πŸ™‚ they need money to build the units btw πŸ˜€ more crap music with different sounds πŸ™‚ House music and teenage trends will be poluted of this btw , hahaha

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