22 thoughts on “What Are Terry Riley & Big Boi Doing At Burger King?

  1. A better question IMO would be: "What makes you think they are at the Burger King in the first place?". I looked hard at the background but I sure can't spot anything "bk familiar".

  2. Good point, Teddy Riley could carry Burger King bags anywhere!! This was probably filmed on a soundstage in Arizona – you can tell because of the shadows!! Teddy Riley was conspicuously absent from Burger King on 9/11!!

    Big thanks to Synthfan for asking the hard-hitting questions as always.

  3. Now ask yourself: did I mean Terry or was I actually talking about Teddy Riley? Look hard at the background and let us know if you can find anything "TR familiar".

  4. No, seriously… answer the question! Why would these two ever meet or even know each other? I'm confused and scared.

  5. I think Big Boi noticed the bag of burgers and tried to get 'm just before a fan photographer started shooting and caught 'm in the act! Now "they" are trying to come up with a cover-up story by pretending all of this happened at a burger king, but we know better!


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