New MIDI Fighter Pro Controllers ‘The Perfect Controllerist Instrument’

DJ TechTools has released a new line of DJ Controllers, Midi Fighter Pro.

Four models are available – Beat Masher, Cue Master, Super Knob, XX Fader – each priced at $349.

Here’s what designer Ean Golden has to say about the new controllers

For the past year , we have been experimenting with various midi fighter configurations in our search to find the perfect controllerist instrument.

After much exploration, I settled on 4 popular layouts that combine playability, function and strength into one powerful surface.

Golden adds “If you are looking for a super unique and powerful midi instrument, the midi-fighter pro is hard to beat.”

Photos and details below. 


  • Robust metal casing.
  • Chip proof surface.
  • High performance arcade buttons.
  • Bright blue LEDs.
  • MIDI controllable mode buttons.
  • Rugged faders and knobs.
  • Smooth high performance surface.
  • Analog controls send super knob values out of the box.
  • Digital buttons send super combo values out of the box.
  • Trade in program for existing Midi Fighter owners.


12 thoughts on “New MIDI Fighter Pro Controllers ‘The Perfect Controllerist Instrument’

  1. I’m just amused by the dramatic “flinging of the fingers away from the controller” gesture that all the hip button-mashers have mastered. In this vid it looks like the damn thing is giving him repeated shocks!

    Guess I’m old and uncool…

    However, the case looks bulletproof, and with customizable button colors and hand-assembled local (US) sourcing, $349 seems about right. All steel, not plastic. Not mass produced. You get what you pay for.

  2. what interests me most is the midi mappings for each model. DJ techtools has pushed the limits of what midi is capable of in traktor with their vci 100 and original midifighter mappings..

  3. Saw it at maker faire; much more expensive than your typical APC etc., but the interesting thing about it is that it's built with arcade machine buttons, so it's designed to take a serious, button-mashing beating.

  4. These seem really cool But, 349 each??? U gotta be kidding me… If u buy like 3of those its like 1k!?! I’d buy if they were 349 all, but i guess im cheap ass then….

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